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Thread: New Aldi XXL Phone Plan has to be the best mobile deal in Australia!

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    New Aldi XXL Phone Plan has to be the best mobile deal in Australia!

    This is freaking insane, the $45 Aldi XXL pack gets you- a whopping 43,200 minutes, 50,000 SMS, 20,000 MMS and 4GB of data
    Aldi use the Telstra network so it is pretty damn good, I travelled NW NSW and my phone was as good or better than the work Telstra phone, there are some mine sites and other premium towers the Aldi network can't access but I didn't find any.
    Exciting news from ALDI mobile

    Hi James Hamilton,
    We are excited to tell you about some improvements we have made to our ALDImobile products.
    Introducing XXL

    A new Value Pack is now available in addition to our current S, M, L and XL packs.
    It’s called our XXL Value Pack and it offers huge inclusions for the great value price of $45. Great for our customers who use their phones a lot.
    The XXL Value Pack comes with a whopping 43,200 minutes, 50,000 SMS and 20,000 MMS – more than you can use in the 30 day expiry period of the pack! Plus you get free ALDI to ALDI calls and SMS and 4GB of data.
    If you’re looking for a pack with even more inclusions, then the XXL pack could be for you.
    All of our usual Value and Data Packs will continue to be available, so if you want to remain on our S, M, L or XL plans, you can continue to use these packs.
    If you want to change to this new pack, you can simply recharge with it at any time.
    Bear in mind, if you have a Value Pack on your service, adding this new XXL pack will override your existing pack and any remaining credits on it will be forfeited.
    If you have auto recharge set up and you change to this new pack, you will need to enable auto recharge again. You can do this easily by logging in to our website or mobile app.
    An improvement to data consumption

    Now for the really great news! We are changing the way data is consumed, giving our customers even better value for money.
    Instead of being charged per MB, you will be charged per 25KB. This applies to all of our PAYG plans, Value Packs and Data Packs.
    For example, if you consume 490KB of actual data, your credit will be depleted by 500KB as it is rounded up to the nearest 25KB; previously your credit would have been depleted by a whole MB.
    What this means for you is that you can enjoy even more data, for no extra charge.
    For customers who use PAYG credit for data, you will also consume in 25KB blocks and the equivalent charge will be depleted from your balance.
    Now, the minimum charge for using data will be $0.001 per 25KB. We will always display your balance rounded to the nearest cent.
    If you have any queries about this notification, you can find out more on our website, or send us an eSupport message from your ALDImobile account and we’ll respond.
    Kind regards
    The ALDImobile team

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    XXL Value Pack $45

    For the best value, add one of our Value Packs to your Pay As You Go service.

    • Up to 43,200 minutes*
    • 50,000 SMS*
    • 20,000 MMS*
    • FREE ALDI to ALDI calls & SMS
    • 4GB data

    The XXL Value Pack has 30 days credit expiry. Read the full plan details here
    Great news

    The XXL Value Pack comes with FREE ALDImobile to ALDImobile calls and SMS giving you even more value. So you can call your friends and family on the ALDImobile network for free.

    Did you know? You can set your Value Pack to auto recharge once it has expired so you don't have to worry about remembering to recharge again.
    1GB data add-on

    The XXL Value Pack comes with 4GB of data included, however, once you have used 70% of your included data, you can purchase a 1GB data add-on for $10. The data add-on can only be added once per the Value Pack expiry period. Find out more here.

    Important information *Excludes some use such as: calls/SMS/MMS to international numbers, satellite numbers, and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers) and all use overseas. ^If you purchase a Data add-on, it expires at the end of your Value Pack; view the full plan details for more information about purchasing extra data. This Value Pack can be added to a Pay As You Go plan, it cannot be added if you have a Data Pack. If you add a Value Pack whilst you have a Data Pack, you will forfeit the Data Pack and any remaining data. You should refer to our Critical Information Summary to determine if this is the right plan for you.
    Not what you were looking for? Try another one

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