Swissvoice ePure Mobile Stations seem to sell like hotcakes, I still don't know why but this one is a pretty good price at Ryda-

Swissvoice BH01U Bluetooth Phone Dock - ($148.85)RYDA Cordless

Swissvoice ePure Mobile Station
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Swissvoice ePure Mobile iPhone Station

Why Buy Me

  • Supplied with 12 Month Australian SwissVoice Full Warranty
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch(4th generation)
  • Works with many compatible bluetooth phones and tablets
  • Latest European design
  • Neo retro looks
  • Full ECO mode, energy saving design
  • Siri and Voice Activated Dialing
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Just looks great

Note: - The difference between the ePure BH01I and this unit the epure BH01U, is that the BH01I features a charging cradle for the iPhone. This model supports iPhone handsets also it just does not have a charging cradle.
So What Does It Actually Do(review by RYDA) - First of all this is not a cordless phone as you know, it DOES NOT run off a normal phone line it is designed for the household that only has iPhones. Quite simply it is a cordless base station for your iPhone. OK so it has the stunning retro looks that has made the SwissVoice ePure one of my most popular cordless phone brands but what does it do? Plug your iPhone into the dock when you get home and while charges you can make and receive phones call. Siri is fully supported. You can remotely stream music from your iPhone to the handset which turns into a set of portable speakers and works very well with good clarity. The Swissvoice Mobile iPhone Station can be used with most popular tablets including the iPad and works wirelessly on most PC's and notebooks. Overall this is a great mobile station and is unique in many ways. There is no other mobile station that we have seen that has this technology built in and more importantly has the build quality that is becoming a trademark of Swissvoice products. (end review) (See the video tab above for a video overview of this product).
SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - The Concept
Introducing the first, all in one mobile phone companion, the ePure Bluetooth Station. A wireless bluetooth handset, mobile phone charger and portable sound system within a modern, elegant design.
The ePure bluetooth station gives you the freedom to extend mobile phone functions anywhere in your home. Simply mount your iphone in the charging dock and use the handset for unobstructed conversation. Equipped with stereo speakers, the bluetooth wireless handset also allows you to stream your favourite music directly from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - Handset Voice
Use the ePure bluetooth handset to significantly improve voice quality and comfort during mobile calls.

  • Extend wireless bluetooth range up to 20 metres
  • Reduced mobile phone emissions with fulleco technology.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic earpiece design with HD voice functionality.
  • Easy wireless bluetooth handset volume and call control.

SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - Wireless Music
The ePure bluetooth station provides wireless music streaming from your mobile device.

  • Powerful, bass enriched, stereo speakers with 'Propulsion Nozzle Effect' technology
  • Superior music playback with AAC codec supported by bluetooth
  • Wireless handset volume and music control

SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - Tablet Audio
The ePure bluetooth station enhances your tablet entertainment experience.

  • Superior, face to face video calls with the bluetooth wireless handset
  • Enriched movie and gaming experience with wireless stereo speakers
  • Compatible with any bluetooth tablet

SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - PC Voice
Wherever you are, keep in touch with business partners or loved ones with the ePure bluetooth station. Simply connect wirelessly to your PC or laptop and enjoy the conversation.
SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - Siri Compatible
Use the wireless handset controls to activate Siri from anywhere in the room. Conveniently make outgoing calls, set reminders, send texts and more whilst your iPhone charges in the bluetooth station.
SwissVoice Mobile Bluetooth Station - Mobile Charger
The retractable iPhone charging dock in the ePure BH01I allows you to power your iPhone whilst keeping calls and music streaming uniterrupted with the bluetooth wireless handset.
An embedded USB connector gives you the ability to charge various mobile devices in the base station.

Finally - If you have read all of this then by now you must agree with us this has to be the best mobile station for your iPhone / Bluetooth mobile phone or device that is available, we certainly believe so

Swissvoice BH01U Bluetooth Phone Dock - ($148.85)RYDA Cordless