Information about the Optus My Plan deal, seems like a good idea!
flex appeal

Optus My Plans help protect you from going over your limit each month, and flex to keep your excess fees down if you do.

You’ll get minutes of talk to standard numbers, not confusing “dollar values”.
usage alerts

Plus, automatic usage alerts within 24-48 hours that let you know how you’re tracking each month.

And you get unlimited standard national SMS and MMS every month!

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What’s with the levels?

The above example starts off with a $50 My Plan that includes 450 mins of voice calls to standard numbers, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail and 500MB of data.
If you go over your monthly limit of either voice or data, we move you up to the next voice or data level, or any additional levels, just for that month.
Additional levels only cost a bit more instead of a large excess usage fee. So you don’t have to worry if you sometimes talk more or do more web stuff.
Next month we reset you back to your base plan. Pretty good, eh?
example $50 my plan =
450 mins + 500mb

voice levels

data levels

  • You’ll get unlimited standard national calls if you reach the final voice level
  • The most you'll pay for additional data levels is $10 per 1GB
  • Plus, voice and data levels move independently.

which plan for me?

Start off with a base plan of voice and data that matches how you use your phone.
Have a go using our handy usage calculator to work out the best plan for you.
usage calculator

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more data + new phone for existing customers!

Here is where we'd like to give you some good stuff for choosing to stay with us.
If you've been eyeing off a new phone and you're an Optus mobile customer in the last months of your current contract, you may be able to change to an Optus My Plan and get extra data included!
All you need to do is choose a phone, select "existing customer" and look for the BONUS. Then simply select to upgrade your eligible mobile service on a $50 or $60 My Plan for 24 month."
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my sim plan & my mobile

With My SIM Plans you can bring your own phone and enjoy the same flexibility of My Plans, but on month-to-month or 12 month plans with lower monthly access fees.
Also, with My SIM Plan + My Mobile you can buy your phone and pay for it upfront on your first bill, or over 12 months or 24 months.
This way you can get the phone you want, the way you want, and team it up with a more affordable and flexible My SIM Plan.
Visit our full website to see mobiles available with My SIM Plans.
Peace of mind stuff

  • Alerts

    You'll get SMS usage alerts to let you know how you're tracking.
  • Clearer bills

    Clear and simple plans mean straightforward bills that are easier to understand
  • My Account

    Keep a close eye on your usage with meters that are easy to get, and online messages that let you know how you're tracking.
  • My Optus App

    Don't worry. Be 'appy! Get the My Optus App on your smartphone so you can keep an eye on things as well as receive usage alerts, on the go.
  • Just so you know, usage alerts may take from 24 to 48 hours to be delivered.