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Thread: Save $30 off Peter Lang Jewellery with the code inside.

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    Save $30 off Peter Lang Jewellery with the code inside.

    Enter the code below to get $30 off when you spend $90 or more on Peter Lang Jewellery-

    Peter Lang Australia - NEW ARRIVALS | Peter Lang

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    Thursday, 17 April 2014 Forward Unsubscribe View in browser
    $30 Easter Gift for you

    To wish you a very Happy Easter and to launch the Winter collection.
    Simply enter the code EGG30 (in capitals and one word) at the checkout and you will automatically receive $30 off your purchases and Free express post delivery.*
    Offer valid on spend of $90 or more.
    Peter Lang Winter collection consists of the following stories.
    The Roaring 20s: This extensive story is Art Deco inspired with clean geometric lines, stunning Swarovski Crystals and Ivory Glass Pearls. All pieces are Rhodium plated.
    Marble Steps: A modern architectural look with a Semi-Gloss Rhodium polished finish, incorporating semi-precious marbled stones for a refined and sought-after look. The Rhodium plating is protected with a high density lacquer to ensure durability.
    Silver Knots: A sleek and polished Sterling Silver plated collection, protected with a high density anti-tarnish lacquer to ensure durability. With certain pieces incorporating leather it is a sophisticated and minimalistic look.
    Lang Signature: This Fashion Forward Collection... with a real edge and true to Peter Lang DNA. Single, double or triple layered pieces, simple items and show stoppers, this line delivers the latest Winter trends with a combination of chains, charms, spikes, beads and Swarovski elements. The perfect collection if you want to make a statement!
    Plus check out newly added Super Spot specials.
    This offer, valid over the Easter Holiday weekend until Tuesday 22nd April 2014 and can be used in all categories except the Sale Category.
    Click the link below to view this fabulous new collection.

    Peter Lang Australia - NEW ARRIVALS | Peter Lang

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    Just a few of the items-


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    Montreal silver chain and leather bracelet
    Price: AUD$65.00

    Alodie pearl and charm bracelet
    Price: AUD$179.00

    Aqna howlite earrings
    Price: AUD$80.00

    Asmara crystal bracelet
    Price: AUD$115.00

    Astor Deco earrings
    Price: AUD$129.00

    Banco pearl and crystal bracelet
    Price: AUD$157.50

    Cadie howlite earrings
    Price: AUD$69.00

    Carlista neckplate with leather
    Price: AUD$119.00

    Casablanca earrings
    Price: AUD$99.00

    Diva end knot bracelet
    Price: AUD$85.00

    Ginny howlite earrings
    Price: AUD$45.00

    Inessa howlite collar necklace
    Price: AUD$139.00

    Jezebel howlite statement necklace - Limited edition
    Price: AUD$389.00

    Kaelene howlite chain necklace
    Price: AUD$129.00

    Karena crystal and pearl earrings
    Price: AUD$45.00

    Kassia howlite chain bracelet
    Price: AUD$85.00

    Lacey hoop with knot earrings
    Price: AUD$69.00

    Laila loop pendant
    Price: AUD$139.00

    Lexi crystal earrings
    Price: AUD$137.50

    Lucien crystal and pearl earrings
    Price: AUD$52.50

    Lylia pearl and charm necklace
    Price: AUD$309.00

    Misamis pearl and crystal necklace
    Price: AUD$165.00

    Odeon Crystal earrings
    Price: AUD$85.00

    Oriente pearl and crystal necklace
    Price: AUD$85.00

    Quezon silver arrow earrings
    Price: AUD$57.50

    Regal Crystal earrings
    Price: AUD$132.00

    Savoy crystal ring
    Price: AUD$159.00

    Selam Crystal earrings
    Price: AUD$57.00

    Siara deco crystal bracelet
    Price: AUD$297.50

    Suzie Q black leather double wrap bracelet with silver studs
    Price: AUD$65.00

    Trinity baguette crystal earrings
    Price: AUD$72.50

    Bailey bow necklace
    Price: AUD$70.00

    Bella bow earrings
    Price: AUD$49.00

    Lisbeth Rhodium bracelet
    Price: AUD$89.00

    Alexis ruby crystal earring and ring gift set - 30% Off sets
    Price: AUD$112.50 AUD$78.00

    Bailey box necklace and Bella bow earrings Gift set - 30% off set
    Price: AUD$119.00 AUD$83.00

    Gypsy Rose statement necklace - AS SEEN IN INSTYLE
    Price: AUD$465.00

    Lisbeth bracelet and Tilly ring gift set - 30% off for Set
    Price: AUD$121.50 AUD$85.00

    Piper Jet crystal earrings and ring gift set - 30% Off sets
    Price: AUD$112.50 AUD$78.00

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