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Thread: Any good suggestions for a Solid State Drive SSD for a laptop?

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    Any good suggestions for a Solid State Drive SSD for a laptop?

    I've noticed prices are now starting to get into my range of price and I was wondering if anyone has tried a solid state harddrive SSD and if so what were their thoughts? Did it speed the computer up as much as I've heard they can?

    Did you use some sort of clone software? As I think my laptop only has 1 HDD bay so I'd need to clone the OS and all my files over to the new HDD. If you did use a clone software was it free and how well did it work?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Oooh ooh ooh, I have done this I am still however on a Sandforce controlled SSD so it uses a bit more power and is a bit slower than the newer units.
    I originally ran it in my Core 2 Duo computer and it made a massive difference to boot times and just made day to day usage much nicer.

    I did a whole bunch of reading and came to the conclusion that for me the Toshiba Q Series Pro was marginally better for my needs over the Samsung SSD 840 EVO as the Toshiba uses a bit less power but at the same time is a shade slower.

    I just deleted all my bookmarks on this topic, hahaha.

    My current laptop is a Gen 3 Intel quad core and without rapidstart it will boot in under 10 seconds and running just one battery will run for around 5-7hrs(up to 12 with dual battery) which is pretty good for an older quad core laptop.

    Also, are there any HDD adaptors(loads on Ebay) that allow you to slot a drive in your DVD bay? That's how I do my backup, I just clone my drive every week or two, that way if a drive dies I can boot from the DVD bay.

    Also you don't need to defrag your SSDs which is nice.

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    To clone the drives I started off using EaseUS Todo Backup Free and it worked a treat but I bought all their home software as a bundle later on as it is awesome and was super cheap when on sale

    Best free backup software for PC/Laptop - EaseUS Todo Backup Free
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    thanks for that, don't want to be messing around with the DVD bay, use it a fair bit sadly. Will give a new drive a go.

    Was hoping they'd be bigger by now, as my 500GB HDD is full and wanted to replace with bigger, but biggest in a price range I can afford is 500GB which although it may be faster isn't worth the change.

    has anyone tried a hybrid drive? such as:

    Seagate 1TB 2.5 inch Laptop Solid State Hybrid Drive

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    This looks interesting but quite expensive:

    Crucial M500 960GB 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive

    Crucial M500 2.5-inch SSD

    For Consumers | Transform the Performance of Your System

    New interfaces and multi-tasking demands require more from your system than perhaps ever before. From connecting instantly with friends and accessing apps, websites, and playlists online, to simultaneously streaming videos and downloading files, your computer is faced with a new set of performance expectations that a hard drive struggles to meet.
    That’s where the Crucial M500 SSD comes in. With speeds dramatically faster than a hard drive, the Crucial M500 SSD isn't just a storage upgrade--it's a complete system transformation. From its nearly instantaneous boot times, powerful data transfer speeds, increased multi-tasking capability, and rock-solid reliability, the Crucial M500 delivers dramatic performance gains--all at an affordable price

    Product Highlights:

    • Transformative performance: dramatically faster than a hard drive
    • Nearly instant boot times
    • Ample storage: available in capacities of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB
    • Includes top-level hardware encryption technology
    • Advanced controller technology and Micron custom firmware
    • Extensive quality and reliability testing built into every drive
    • Compatible with PC and Mac systems

    For Business | Secure Your Data. Protect Your Customers' Privacy

    Your data is your competitive advantage. Whether it’s the inside information on your latest product or your customers' credit card numbers, information in the wrong hands has the potential to devastate your business. The best strategy for protecting your sensitive data is to implement a defence that includes top-level hardware-based encryption.
    The Crucial M500 SSD is a self-encrypting drive (SED) based on the rigorous standards established by the TCG Opal specification. Combined with applications like Microsoft BitLocker or Wave Systems EMBASSY Trust suite, our AES 256-bit hardware encryption engine (that’s integrated into the controller of the Crucial M500) allows the drive to operate at full speed without the performance loss that’s typically associated with non-SED drives using software-based encryption technology.

    For All Users | Consistently Fast Speeds. No Exceptions

    No matter what kind of files you’re working with, on a Crucial SSD you’ll experience high speeds with no drop in performance across different file types. Crucial SSDs treat all files the same, regardless of whether they’re compressed or uncompressed. While many SSDs on the market achieve faster speeds by using file compression, many of the most common file types can’t be compressed, resulting in SSDs that often deliver slower speeds than advertised. This is important because the files most people use every day - videos, mp3s, advanced graphic files and zip files - are compressed files and thus unable to be compressed any further. With a Crucial SSD, the specs we advertise are the same specs you’ll see in the real world.
    Crucial SSDs. Performance You Can Trust

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    Crucial SSD Comparison Chart

    Crucial M4 SSD

    Crucial M500 SSD
    NAND 25nm MLC NAND 20nm MLC NAND
    Controller Marvell 88SS9174 Marvell 88SS9187
    Interface SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III) SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III)
    Form Factors 2.5-inch, mSATA 2.5-inch, mSATA, M.2
    Capacities 64GB - 512GB 120GB - 960GB
    Compatible with PC and Mac systems Yes Yes
    Upgradeable firmware Yes Yes
    Consistently fast speeds across all file types
    - compressed and uncompressed
    Yes Yes
    Nearly instant load and boot times Yes Yes
    Quality and reliability built into every drive:
    hundreds of SSD qualification tests and more than
    1,000 hours of pre-release validation testing
    Yes Yes
    Available in capacities up to terabyte-class No Yes
    Top-level SED hardware encryption that meets TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE-1667 standards No Yes
    Adaptive thermal monitoring No Yes
    Data protection due to unexpected power loss No Yes
    DEVSLP enabled for power savings when host system is in sleep mode No Yes

    Box Contains

    1x Internal Solid State Drive CT960M500SSD1

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    Just realised that SSD is almost as much as I paid for my laptop. Probably be better just upgrading the whole laptop! Faster processor more ram and bigger HDD for same price as a SSD.

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    That would be ideal, some laptops do allow you to change the processor, I found this out after buying mine I could have bought an i3 and slapped an i7 in as prices came down

    I have seen some Expresscard slot card readers that allow pretty decent read write speeds, wonder if they could be used as a cache? It wouldn't be nearly as quick as a SSD or a hybrid drive but if you have spare cards kicking around the card readers are worth sweet FA.

    I want to test the read write speeds of one of these- EC823 ExpressCard to SDXC Card Adapter | eBay

    Product Description

    EC823 (ExpressCard to SDXC Card Adapter)
    EC823 is an ExpressCard 34 - SD Card adapter.
    EC823 is compatible with SDXC card up to 2TB and supporting SD Specification v1.1 (Hi-Speed, SDHS) and v2.0 (SDHC).
    EC823has the high performance to install ExpressCard slot supporting USB2.0 high-speed(480Mbps) specification and to insert SD Hi-Speed (SDHS) Card with 25MB/s.
    SD Card slot is complete built-in type, so SD card is not exposed from ExpressCard slot and side of laptop PC.
    SDXC compatible Card slot can be added to your laptop PC with ExpressCard 34/54 slot.


    • Main Controller: Genesys Logic GL823
    • Secure DigitalTM (SD) and MultiMediaCardTM (MMC)
      - Compatible with SDXC (SD Extended Capacity , Up to 2TB)
      - Support SD specification SD2.0 (SDHC, up to 32GB), Compatible to SD1.1 (SDHS/50MHz), SD1.01, SD1.0
      - Support MMC specification v3.x / v4.0 / v4.1 / v4.2 (Bus width: 4bit)
      - Complete Built-In SD Card Slot: No exposure from ExpressCard slot
    • ExpressCard1.0 Compliant: USB2.0 interface
      - Compliant with 480Mbps Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0
      - Compliant with USB Storage Class specification rev. 1.0
    • Dimension: 34x75x5 (mm) –ExpressCard 34 (Compatible to ExpressCard 54 slot)
    • Weight: 35g


    • Maximum speed can be available when SD HghSpeed (SD HS@50MHz) Card is used.

    System Requirements:

    • ExpressCard 34/54 slot with USB interface
    • OS:
      Windows 8 (32/64bit)
      Windows 7 (32/64bit)
      Windows Vista (32/64bit) SP2 or later)
      Window XP (SP3 or later)
      Mac OS 9.X/10.X
      Linux Kernel 2.4.x/2.6.x
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