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Thread: Any suggestions for a good quality but cheap food processor?

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    Any suggestions for a good quality but cheap food processor?

    My Breville finally gave up on me and will no longer work. I'm after a food processor that's good quality but at a reasonable price.

    Obviously if I can get a good Magimix, KitchenAid or top of the line Breville on sale I'm not going to say no!

    If there's any that people have used and are cheap I'm keen to hear experiences and reviews

    I love to shop!

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    Hmmm I have no idea I hate the things, what is the budget and is this too much?

    Magimix 3150 is on sale at 20% with free postage.

    Magimix 3150 Food Processor White - Free Shipping

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    Magimix 3150 Food Processor White

    Product Code: 7MM18280
    Brand: Magimix

    RRP: $499.00
    Price: $399.00 (Incl. GST)You Save 20%
    Earn: 399 Loyalty Points
    Out of Stock
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    Fantastic food processor!

    Love this machine, bought it in the Kitchenware Direct sale for a great price. Can't fault it at all - it's just as fantastic as my friend (who also owns one) said!
    Maureen D
    Hobart, Tassie

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    Expand your culinary horizons with the Magimix 3150 Food Processor!

    This easy-to-use Magimix 3150 Food Processor in White is the perfect size for an average-sized family, and this machine will really expand your culinary horizons, much to everyone's delight. You'll find the two differently sized bowls convenient to have, too.

    Magimix's 3150 is a quiet food processor with a simple and aesthetically appealing design that will harmonise nicely with most kitchens (white goes with everything). It's smart, too, in that it features automatic speed control that adjusts itself to the foods that it's processing at any given time.

    All Magimix food processors are powered by whisper-quiet induction motors that self-adjust to maintain consistent speeds. They also come with a full range of attachments and high-quality blades made by Sabatier.

    Standard Accessories Included:
    - 2.6 litre main bowl
    - 1.2 litre mini bowl with blade
    - Sabatier Master Blade for grinding & chopping
    - Dough blade for mixing & kneading
    - Egg whisk for whipping and aerating
    - Reversible 2mm slicing & grating disc with support
    - Safe-storage blade box
    - Spatula
    - Recipe book

    About Magimix

    Introduced to the world in 1972, Magimix was the first food processor available on the domestic market. Today, Magimix remains the leading manufacturer of food processors in the world. With an unwavering focus on quality, they continue to be manufactured in France to this day. Equipped with commercial-grade induction motors and featuring an inclusive array of attachments, the Magimix is the ultimate food-prep appliance. Whether chopping, slicing, mincing, grinding, grating, mixing, whipping or kneading, the Magimix is the machine that does it all.

    Magimix offers a 30 year guarantee on their motors and a 3 year guarantee on parts and accessories.
    Food Processor Specifications

    Construction: Plastic & metal
    Dimensions: 36 x 19 x 25cm
    Controls: Push-button control panel
    Pulse option: Yes
    Motor: 600W
    Capacities: - 1 kg pastry dough
    - 800g meat and vegetable
    - 600g bread dough
    - 5 egg whites
    Cleaning/care: Bowls and blades are dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended.
    Warranty: 30 year motor, 3 year parts and accessories
    Origin: France

    Food Processor Buying Guide

    Refer to our Food Processor Buying Guide to find the food processor that best suits your needs.
    Reviews for the Magimix 3150 Food Processor!

    Faulty with poor customer support from Magimix

    My 20 year old magimix became un-repairable so was happy to buy a new one. It arrived after purchasing it online. It is a great mixer. But the bowl is incredibly difficult to lock into place. And the lid is even more difficult. When locking the lid into place, the entire bowl warps out of shape. Having only had the product that we paid more than $400 for, I contacted Magimix and asked them to replace the unit, as it was obviously faulty. The bowl and lid require so much force to lock them into place, that my grandmother is incapable of doing it herself. On the old one, she had no problem whatsoever. Magimix customer support solution was for me to proceed and make 30 minute trips back and forward to the repair center. The repair center have been great. They acknowledge that there product is obviously faulty. They tried changing the bowl and lid for me, but the problem persists. Because I bought the product and it was faulty from the start, my complete disgust is that Magimix company feels it is ok for me to make trips backwards and forwards, an hour each trip to attempt to fix the problem. And now that the replacement bowl and lid dont solve the problem, the next option is for me to leave the mixer at the shop and lose use of the product. Again, I bought it brand new and should not have to have to make all these trips and then lose use of the product. Magimix is sold at a premium price. The product support needs to match. If a product is faulty off the shelf, it should be replaced and become the problem of the company supplying the product. I am disgusted by the attitude of the management at Magimix. I would never ever recommend using any of their products.

    Magimix is great

    I have had a blender in my kitchen for years. Not a very good one... I lashed out and bought the Magimix a few months ago, and just want to say that it has revolutionised my cooking. I use it almost every day - no kidding! It is fast, quiet, easy to clean and works like it should. I absolutely love it. Kitchenware Direct delivered it to me quickly and in pristine condition, and when I wanted an additional item (the vegetable juicer attachment) they were helpful and efficient. They are doing so much that is right - impressive!
    Lynne Fisher

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    Tefal Electrical La Moulinette Chopper White cheap food processor at Le Domaine

    I've heard good things about the magimix and the micro versions that they sell they seem to rank high in the best buy food processors. Really does depend on what you want, I've found that if you get one that does the job that you want but isn't too expensive is best as I've found all the expensive ones last as long as the cheap ones.

    this one's very small with only a 300G bowl but a massive 1000W motor:
    Tefal Electrical La Moulinette Chopper White

    can't find any reviews for it, will check youtube later as my audio drivers have died after having the laptop plugged into a monitor.

    Tefal Electrical La Moulinette Chopper White

    A quick and easy to use food processor, use the Tefal Electrical La Moulinette Chopper to make quick work of recipe preparation. French for "the mill", La Moulinette chops and mixes a whole range of ingredients with a simple one touch operation.
    While not as functional as a fully featured food processor, La Moulinette is ideal for crumbling biscuits to make a biscuit cake base, chopping together onions, garlic and other vegetables for frying, and for whipping up a quick pesto, marinade or salad dressing. From rough chops to smooth blends, simply hold down the top button for the required length of time, and watch the results through the transparent bowl.
    The Tefal Electrical La Moulinette Chopper has a 300g chopping bowl, and has a compact, stylish and very stable white motor unit. The bowl always fits on the motor easily, and simply press down to activate the stainless steel chopping blade.

    • Quick and easy to use chopper
    • No speed or intensity settings, simply press to chop
    • 300g bowl is transparent and removable for cleaning
    • Stainless steel blade clips on and off for cleaning
    • Bowl and chopper blades are dishwasher safe
    • High stability compact motor unit, with cord storage
    • 1000W motor provides quick and effective chopping power, even for tough ingredients
    • Made in France

    Additional Features

    Construction: Plastic
    Capacity: 300g
    Dimensions: 27cm x 20cm
    Power: 1000W
    Model Number: DPA133
    Warranty: 12 months replacement
    Cleaning and Care: Removable bowl and blades are dishwasher safe
    Origin: France

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