Hey everyone, just had to update my trackpad drivers from synaptics.com for my laptop and after doing so found that the Windows 8 charm bar (that's what they're calling the thing on the right with Start, Share, Devices etc.) kept popping up, it was very frustrating, so I went looking and found that it's a mouse setting called Enable Edge Swipes this means it lets you set commands to the edge of your trackpad, sadly default seems to be the right side of the pad, right next to the scroll if like me you use single finger scrolling, is the annoying Edge Swipe zone that brings up the Charm Bar.

To disable it.

One way to get the Mouse Control up is go to the Metro Screen and type in Mouse, then on the right had side it has Settings choose that, then choose Mouse that pops up the control panel for the mouse, choose Device Settings, then Settings and in there un-check the box Enable Edge Swipes.

For regular Windows users that know their way around windows machines this maybe quicker to the info:
In Control Panel > Mouse > Device settings > Settings, un-check the box for Enable Edge Swipes.