Just got an email with the subject "Holy crap fancy computer" and the message body:

Why would you need up to 500GB of RAM?

CELSIUS R920 - Fujitsu UK

I had to look it up! It's amazing:

Fujitsu´s most performing workstation the CELSIUS R920 achieving first-class benchmark results is designed to surpass all your expectations. This reliable, high-end dual processor workstation is individually configurable for the most power hungry, 24/7 operating environments. Best-in-class noise emissions of just 21 dB, and comprehensive ISV certifications that ensure smooth application operation, enhance your productivity. The convenient cold plug access at front simplifies subsequent expansion.

Supported capacity RAM (max.)512 GB, 16 Memory slot(s) DIMM (DDR3) registered, In configurations with 4 GB and more the visible memory may be reduced to approximately 3.5 GB or less (for 32-bit operating systems) and configurations with 8 GB the visible memory may be reduced to approximately 7.5 GB or less (depending on system configuration). Large memory may lead to long boot times. When using a 32-bit operating system the maximum of memory might be 900 MB.