Hi All, I noticed I was about 50GB short on my HDD from when I was running windows 7, so I started Disk Management and had a look at my hard drives, of the 500GB HDD (I Know it's not quite 500GB etc.) I have

Active Recovery Partition: 2.07GB
C: 137.88GB
D: 307.24GB
Recovery Partition: 4.88GB
Recovery Partition: 13.67

465.74GB about what I'd expect as that's 500,000,000,000 bytes.

However what I can't work out is why there's now 3 recovery partitions, 2 of which are "Recovery" and 1 "Active Recovery", not sure what the difference is and is one for my old operating system of Windows 7? IF so can I remove it? And how do I find out which one's which?

I know it's on 20GB, but the operating system, windows office 2007 and a few small files have taken up 52GB of C, I haven't even installed photoshop yet!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.