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Thread: Hello all, new here

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    Hello all, new here


    My name is Maria. I want to introduce myself here at Saverscene Australia. I want to introduce as a way for Saverscene Australia users to score US fashion goods when they are on clearance sale.

    Why US fashion brands? because their price is lower than AU price and because of different seasons between US and AU, when US goods are on sale, usually the Aussies are entering that season. For example, when US are putting their summer line on clearance, AU citizens are about to enter summer, therefore you are buying clearance that you are going to wear soon.

    What is Ziptango? Ziptango is an e commerce site that simplify US online shopping experience for overseas buyers. Ziptango helps overseas buyers to shop US goods. You don't need to worry about payment and expensive shipping as we will take care of it for you.

    We are not here to compete with Saverscene Australia. Instead we want to help you score US bargains by providing service in payment and shipping.

    Some US online site do not ship internationally or offer options for the payment. When they do offer these options, they tend to be very expensive. With Ziptango, you can shop from many US online stores and pay just one international shipping cost from US to you because we ship them together in one package for you to save money on shipping cost. Ziptango ships using USPS for now.

    Our deals are updated daily at so you know what brands are currently having sales. You will never miss out those sales anymore. To request goods to buy is easy, just post the item link you want to buy, and we will take care of the rest for you.

    To ensure that you can import US goods, Australia customs allows AUD1000 to be free of tax and duties. See below link

    No import tax for merchandise up to AUD 1000

    I hope that Ziptango can help Saverscene Australia community in getting US goods for cheap.

    Thank you.

    PS: I hope this post is OK. I am here not for spamming as I will be present in this forum daily to answer any questions or provide support to new users/buyers.
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    To know more about How It works, you can click here

    How Ziptango Works

    To summarize

    Whatever item you want to buy, when we have it listed on our site, all you just need to do is click Buy, then pay using Credit Card or Paypal. Then you can let us know the color and size of the goods you want to buy. If the size and goods are not available, we will refund your money 100%.

    If the item is NOT on our site, then you can post a request with just an URL link. Once we receive your request, we will add the listing to our site, then you can check it out.

    We make our site looks just like a regular e commerce site, therefore you know exactly what you are buying.

    Once your order arrives in our warehouse, we will notify you. You have the option to have it shipped right away OR you can wait until you shop few more things. To save international shipping cost, it is always better when you buy few more things, then ship it all at once.

    You pay the exact shipping cost. Currently we use USPS Priority to ship because it's more cost effective for you.

    We are here to help you guys shop US goods painlessly and easily. All you need to do is either click Buy or post a url link and BUY and we take care of the rest for you.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

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    Welcome I look forward to seeing what you offer

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    Thank you. I appreciate the warm welcome, and I am looking forward to work with the community to get anything fashion you want from US.

    Few more useful link

    How to post an Item Request
    Latest news on US fashion brand on discounted sale

    and don't forget, when you sign up as a new user, you receive $3 in Zip Bucks. You receive $5 in Zip Bucks when you invite your friends.

    I am also available most of the time in chat, you can chat with me directly at my website, then click 'Chat Now' on the lower right of the page
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    Sounds good, you do have to be careful when buying multiple items close together as you can get taxed on all of the shipments, also it has to be under $1000 including shipping.

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    Welcome to the website Zippa, hope you have some brilliant bargains!

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