This may be of interest to those that want to keep our beautiful country beautiful:

Take a selfie for Australia

This Sunday, more than 7,000 Clean Up Australia events will take place across the country, and Greenpeace supporters are turning out in huge numbers to be part of it. But what if we could double – or even triple – rates of recycling nationwide? It would be like Clean Up Australia Day, every day.
That’s why we’re launching #TrashySelfie – a fun new social media campaign starring you, that’ll take on one of the trashiest forces in Australia today: the beverage industry behemoths at Coca-Cola.
Find out more and take your selfie today! Your picture will feature alongside other supporters in a massive online gallery showing people everywhere standing up to Coke. Then, we’ll take a selection to star in a new targeted ad campaign for a national Cash for Containers scheme.
Here’s how it’s done. Just grab a used can or bottle, take your best trashy self-portrait using your phone or camera, then upload it within seconds using our new purpose-built website. We’ll then feature the best images for a series of public ads designed to encourage key decision maker, Victorian Liberal Premier Denis Napthine, to make the right choice. The ads will appear right in the heart of his electorate in Warrnambool, which covers Victoria’s beautiful Great Ocean Road.
This isn’t your average petition. It’s all about being a bit cheeky, a bit bold and getting noticed by the public and media as well.
Coca-Cola has been busy fighting Cash for Containers – a recycling program that allows consumers to claim a 10 cent refund simply for recycling our used bottles and cans. The program’s been a big success in South Australia for 30 years: recycling rates there are more than double the national average. But Coke doesn’t want the scheme spreading any further for fear of losing a few cents from its bottom line. Coke executives have been rolling out some pretty trashy tactics including lawsuits, misleading PR campaigns, dodgy reports, and allegedly even buying up environmental groups to push their message in parliament [1].

Despite all this bullying, we've received some very encouraging news from government insiders. Premier Napthine is considering taking on Coke by announcing Cash for Containers in Victoria before this year's election. If he follows through it could kick-start a domino effect across Australia, which even the likes of Coca-Cola would be powerless to stop. Send us your ‘trashy selfie’ today and help bring in Cash for Containers.

Together we can help demonstrate that Australians have the Premier’s back if he does the right thing.

Happy snapping!

Reece Turner
Senior campaigner
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

PS. Coca-Cola will probably continue to pull more underhanded tricks. So let’s counter this by showing support for the very program Coke’s trying to bury, and encourage the Victorian Premier to help make every day Clean Up Australia Day. Even if you’re not able to attend a Clean Up Australia event on Sunday, please join our fun and powerful new action now.
[1] Keep Australia Beautiful and Coca-Cola crush container deposit schemes, ABC News, 20 February 2014.