This thing looks cool, taking computer games away from the computer. The fun of scalextric was the crashes. However the changes and getting weapons on it is pretty cool. Wonder after you work the car up in performance will they have competitions, if so I can see cars with high abilities selling for a fair bit on ebay. Hope Xbox One and other devices will offer these sorts of extras in the future.

Hands-On With The New Anki Drive

Anki Drive is a racing game for the real world. They are similar in concept to slot cars but crammed the cars full of modern tech like optical sensors and Bluetooth LE. Available on their website and through Apple retailers, the 'base kit' which includes two cars, a pair of charging pods, and a massive roll-out vinyl race track costs $199. Greg Kumparak visits Anki and talks with CPO Mark Palatucci about their new product, Anki Drive.