Just had some friends round and one of them played me this great song that was missed by me and it seems everyone else

I Am Lightyear::It Beats

From the debut EP "All Of The Miles" out now.

Filmed and edited by Kristen Winter.
Produced by The Girlfriend Collective.
Additional art direction by Lauren Glucksman.
Hair and Make-up by Deborah Lopez.
Helping hands by Erin Bockman and Jenna Ruggiero.


My heart is bottomless, my heart is big when it is quiet
My heart beats violently, my heart beats out in syncopation
It beats
My heart glow neon gold, my heart is slightly tarnished
My heart swells black and blue, my heart dies lying sideways
I need a sea change (It beats)
My heart is loyal only to me even when it deceives me
My heart will love with a fever and then my heart will leave you lonely
I need a sea change