I'm now back in the UK as was off catching up with a friend that was over in Germany, she's from Thirroul just north of Wollongong and has worked for NASA and now teaches at Sydney Uni in the fields of Astronomy and physics, pretty cool stuff in my book, and not half as geeky as the guys in the big bang theory!

I've actually found living in Edinburgh Scotland that the pubs run dry of Guinness during the science festival, and it was definitely her drink when we were at Uni in Sydney, followed by a tequila chaser! Wonder what it is about the black stuff that attracts scientists? Reminder of space?

I remember about 2000 a few friends at Newcastle Uni were studying why bubbles go down in Guinness (oh how our taxes were wasted!) I sadly can't find that study but there was strangely one done here in the UK led by a Dr from Edinburgh:

Bubbles in Guinness 'go down not up' say scientists - Telegraph

Dr Andrew Alexander, senior lecturer in chemical physics at the University of Edinburgh, who led the researchers, said: ''I'd wanted to try and capture the bubbles going down as I had obviously wondered whether it really did happen, having drunk a few Guinness during my time at university, or whether it was an optical illusion created by the waves in the drink that don't contain any bubbles. Nobody had carried out the experiment before. - last statement not true, was definitely done in Newcastle Uni Australia!

It's lovely here in Edinburgh, will go out and get some sun now, just wanted to let you all know I am back!