Get ready for Spring and Summer with ALDI's garden selection there's cheap garden tools as well as plants, composters, seedlings fertiliser and raised garden beds:
Special buys - on sale Wednesday 25 September 2013, while stocks last*

Electric Chainsaw 2200W


Chainsaw Sharpener


Knitted Garden Hose 20m

ea $29.99

Watering Wand

ea $6.99

Stand UP Garden Bag 3pk

3pk $2.49 83c per bag

Spade, Fork or Shovel

ea $8.99

Telescopic Broom

ea $9.99

Leather Garden Gloves

pr $3.99

Pruning Shears

ea $5.99

Submersible Dirty Water Pump 780W


Mandevilla or Gardenia 140mm

ea $6.99

Ornithogalum White Princess 140mm

ea $9.99

Potted Colour 6pk

6pk $4.79

Kangaroo Paws 140mm

ea $8.99

Assorted Seedlings 4pk

4pk $3.99

Tumbling Composter 140L


Raised Timber Garden Bed


Palms 170mm

ea $9.99

Seed Sprouter Kit

ea $7.99

All-In-1 Fertiliser 6kg


Premium Potting Mix 22L