It looks like I won't be bothering with Xbox One, most of the games I play are borrowed as I can't afford to pay for games all the time. my current library extends to about 20 titles of which 80% would be second hand. I'm not impressed with Microsoft going down the Apple Route of forcing people to always use their system and be locked in.

BBC News - Xbox One: Microsoft defends pre-owned games rules

Not a good move Microsoft! Make it as open as possible and you'll get more users, the Playstation 1 was a good start on that, but looks like I'll just go back to PC gaming. At least I can use the machine for a lot more and continue to use my Xbox 360 as my TV hub.

I had high anticipation about connecting the Xbox One, Windows 8 computers and a windows 8 phone all together as my home network and calender setups and sync everything together.

Now I may not upgrade my computers that haven't already to Windows 8 or buy a phone and stick to the cheaper Google Android ones.