not sure if this should be in gaming as Microsoft have left gaming out of this XBox One ad!

The reason they've left it out is because if you're a gamer you know that the Xbox One is coming, however people don't know about it's other capabilities as HDTV, skype etc. - In the UK (where I currently am) you have to pay for a TV if you own a device that receives TV, however if you just use your Xbox for catch up TV and watch nothing live you don't have to pay a TV licence, so I don't have a TV and watch everything through my XBox in HD. It's use is now 90 to 95% TV watching and 5 to 10% gaming. I can see why they're doing this sort of ad

The NFL on Xbox One

But still feel it sucks, gamers got Xbox going and you have to look after the gamers to keep them interested and wanting to buy the new machine, for media my current Xbox 360 seems to do everything the Xbox One will do, so what's the point of upgrading except for the gaming side?