How long until everything is charged like this? Think eventually work tables and kitchen benches will be wireless charges. this one works with Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 928, Samsung Galaxy S3 (Charging card required), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Charging card required). See the offer here:

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Qi Wireless Charging Mat for Smartphones

Unlock the full wireless charging potential of your phone!
The thin and lightweight Qi Wireless Inductive Charging Mat provides convenient charging without the mess of tangled charging cables. All you need to do is plug the Charging Mat into a power source and place your compatible device on it for charging.
The sleek and stylish mat also has a USB port available for charging non-wireless compatible devices, and built in Overcharge battery protection.
Compatible with the following phones with no additional hardware:

Phone and charging card not included