These look like the best MP3 players Creative have ever made, the previous models were outdated when they were released but thes little players sound great!

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ZEN X-Fi3 Ultimate Music Pack

High-end Bluetooth Set at a Great Bargain

  • 8GB $219.95 U.P. $317.80
  • 16GB $259.95 U.P. $357.80

- ZEN X-Fi3
- 3-in-1 Style Pack
- WP-450
- ZEN USB Power Adapter

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Simply the best wireless audio on the go
Good things usually come in small packages, and that's definitely the case for the ZEN X-Fi3. Equipped with the aptX™ codec for superior Bluetooth® transmission, as well as X-Fi technology, which restores rich detail and retains high level of clarity for audio tracks, this stylishly-designed player delivers undoubtedly the best wireless audio while you're on the move.
ZEN X-Fi3 supports a dizzying range of audio formats, including FLAC files - for the die-hard lossless audio fans - in addition to other more common audio formats. The player comes with a video output so you can enjoy your movies and photos with family and friends in big-screen comfort. Its Bluetooth wireless connectivity lets you easily connect to compatible stereo Bluetooth speakers and headphones such as the ZiiSound D5x and Creative WP-350.
Following Creative's latest range of MP3 players, this pocket-friendly MP3 player also features responsive touch keys for easy navigation and playback control, as well as a microSD card slot to store additional media. The integrated FM radio lets you keep up with the latest music hits and news updates.
3-in-1 Style Pack
Must-have accessory for your Creative ZEN X-Fi3
This handy 3-in-1 Accessory Pack for your ZEN X-Fi3 is simply a must-have for your mobile music listening needs. The pack comprises a high-quality Silicone Skin, Belt Clip and Keychain Clip that are custom-designed for the ZEN X-Fi3. The silicone skin protects the player against knocks and scratches, while letting you enjoy easy access to all controls. The belt and keychain clips give you the flexibility and convenience to take the player anywhere you - simply clip it onto your bag or belt loop!
All the sound, none of the wires
Gone are the days when you have to carry a pair of headphones for music and a headset for hands-free phone calls. With the Creative WP-450 Bluetooth® headphones with "invisible mic", enjoy the best of both worlds with excellent audio quality thrown in. Featuring powerful Neodymium drivers meticulously tuned by our acoustic experts, it is engineered to produce accurate and dynamic sound.
The built-in invisible microphone with noise suppression and digital speech enhancement processing in the premium-grade WP-450 headphones let you chat clearly over your mobile phone. When you're done talking, switch to listening to your favorite tunes easily with the versatile one-click answer function. And because it has Bluetooth connectivity with aptX™, it delivers high-fidelity audio from compatible stereo Bluetooth devices, while keeping your hands free to do everything else!
Plus, you can easily fold the WP-450 for storing in your bag and bringing it wherever you go. It's the perfect stylish companion to accompany your ZiiO tablet, the latest MP3 players such as
ZEN Style M300, and any of today's smartphones.
ZEN USB Power Adapter
The ZEN USB Power Adapter comes bundled with plug(s) specific to your region. It is a value-for-money power adapter that lets you charge your ZEN MP3 player* in your country of residence. You can now charge your ZEN MP3 player* via USB without the need to plug it into a PC! It is that simple and convenient.
* ZEN MP3 players with built-in USB port except ZEN Nano Plus, ZEN Vision:M, ZEN Vision & ZEN Vision W.
* The information here is for your reference only and all care has been taken to make sure that it is accurate. Please report any errors or omissions via our website, or consult your reseller or check the packaging to be certain. Pricing, availability, specifications and package contents are subject to change without prior notice and may differ according to different regions.

ZiiSound D5x
Live! Cam inPerson HD

Buy Creative ZEN X-Fi3 Ultimate Music Pack - Bundled Offers - Creative Store (AU)