i was browsing the westfield website for specials and noticed a pretty good deal on a 10mm Nikon lens, although it says it's equal to 27mm on a 35mm camera it'd be a fun lens to have!:

Nikon One 10mm f2.8

Elegant, yet supremely compact, the 10mm CX-format single focal length wide angle lens (27mm equivalent in 35mm format) renders sharp photos for a variety of needs, including everything from landscapes to group shots. Even low light moments have details brought to life with the fast f/2.8 aperture. The most compact of the 1 NIKKOR lens system, this ultra-portable wide angle is the one to keep with you always. Quality and integrity are hallmarks of the new 1 NIKKOR lens system.

Buy Teds Cameras Nikon One 10mm f2.8 in Black - Westfield

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The f2.8 is great and a nice prime lens at under $225 is also very nice to see!