Another robot vacuum cleaner like the one in Breaking Bad, this is also on sale from Harvey Norman, the LG Roboking Robotic Vacuum Cleaner love to have one cleaning up my house:

LG Roboking Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

LG Roboking Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Cleaners | Harvey Norman Australia

The LG Roboking automatic bagless vacuum will quickly and quietly clean your home. Featuring cameras and sensors that analyse your home, build an accurate map, and devises the most efficient cleaning path.

Smart Design

Designed with a slim height of 90mm, the Roboking can easily fit under furniture to reach and clean awkward spaces. Dual cameras are built into the top and bottom for a smarter and faster clean.
Zig-Zag Mode

The auto zig-zag mode is designed for large areas with few obstacles - the Roboking will move back and forth until it meets an obstacle, then using the camera determine how to get around to clean the other side.
Cell by Cell Mode

For rooms with more obstacles, the auto cell by cell mode breaks up the standard zig zag pattern into sectors depending on where obstacles are.
Auto Charging System

The LG Roboking automatically returns to its charging dock, and once charged continues where it left off. An intuitive, clear and easy to understand display shows battery and timer settings for efficient charging.