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RIO Pack: RIO 3D THX 2 Pack

RIO THX ULTRA 2 Cinema Pack, High End Cinema With Klipsch THX System
$24,999 $32,999

RIO Pack: RIO 3D THX Pack


$19,999 $27,999

RIO Pack: RIO 3D Gold Class Pack

RIO 3D GOLD CLASS Pack 1 Now With One Of The Worlds Most Popular Speaker Brand !
$9,999 $15,999

Wharfedale: Opus Theatre Pack

The Ultimate Wharfedale Theatre Pack Now Available at RIO! Black High Gloss ONLY!
$8,999 $17,999


RIO 3D HOLLYWOOD PACK with Now The New Dynaudio Theatre System
$8,799 $14,199

RIO Pack: 3D Block Buster Pack 4

RIO Block Buster Pack 4 with Second Zone Amplifier And Massive Screen
$7,495 $10,849

RIO Pack: 3D Block Buster Pack 2

RIO 3D Block Buster Pack 2 Now with New Klipsch Cinema Series Speakers And Zoned Amplifier
$6,995 $10,495

RIO Pack: 3D Block Buster Pack 3

RIO 3D Block Buster Cinema Pack 3 With The Very Best In 3D !
$6,898 $9,688


JVC X90R 4K Theatre Projector TRUE 3D with THX 3D Calibration with 4 x 3D Glasses ! BRAND NEW! NOW ONLY 1 LEFT!
$6,699 $11,549

RIO Pack: 3D Block Buster Pack 1

RIO 3D Block Buster Pack 1 See All Your Sport and Movies In 3D !
$6,495 $9,995


ARCAM AVR600 Voted Home Theatre Magazine as Top Pick Award
$5,888 $7,499

RIO Pack: Block Buster 3

RIO Block Buster Pack 3 With A Massive Screen and New Klipsch Cinema Series Speakers
$5,195 $7,298

RIO Pack: Block Buster 2

RIO Block Buster 2 Pack with 100inch Screen Flocked Edging and 1080p Cinema Viewing
$4,995 $6,999

RIO Pack: RF82 PK2

Klipsch RF82 Theatre Pack with Pioneer SCLX56 THX Amplifier with Airplay and 4K!
$4,988 $7,298

RIO Pack: Block Buster

RIO Block Buster Pack More Affordable Now Than Ever! Full Installation Included
$3,995 $5,749

RIO Pack: RIO Reference Pack

RIO Reference Pack comes complete with the Latest Klipsch Reference Speakers and Yamaha Amplifier
$3,599 $5,698

Sharp: LC70LE735X

SHARP 70LE735X LED TV with Smart TV OnBoard in 3Year Warranty Australia Wide Limited Stock
$3,449 $4,799

RIO Pack: RIO RF62 Pack 2

Klipsch RF62 Theatre Pack with Yamaha RXV573 Amplifier, Zone B Output with Network Control
$3,399 $4,798

RIO Pack: RIO G28 Pack

RIO G28 Pack Now Comes with the Yamaha RXV1073 Amplifier at a HOT Bundle!
$2,999 $5,698

MOON: 400M

Moon 400M Mono Block Power Amplifiers 400Watts RMS into 8Ohms High Current Price/Each SOLD OUT!!
$2,995 $3,999

Sharp: LC60LE940X

Sharp LC60LE940X Next Gen Quattron 3D LED TV with Smart TV Viewing
$2,948 $3,688

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 50

Wharfedale Evolution 2 50 Series Speakers in Piano Gloss Black and Rosewood Limited Stock Available
$2,788 $4,599


ARCAM And DYNAUDIO Combo Hifi Pack
$2,499 $3,579

Pioneer: SCLX86K

Pioneer LX86 Theatre Receiver, THX ULTRA 2 ,Air Studios, 4K Pass Through,8 HDMI Premium Cinema
$2,488 $2,999

RIO Pack: RIO RF42 Pack

Klipsch RF42 Theatre Pack With Yamaha RXV473 Theatre Amplifier Inc Speaker Cables
$2,399 $3,698

Wharfedale: Opus 2m2

Most Acclaimed Wharfedale Floor Standing Speakers only compared with the best!
$2,195 $3,999

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 40

Wharfedale Evolution 2 40 Series Speakers in Wood Veneer or Piano Gloss Black/Rosewood
$2,145 $3,599

MOON: 350 P

Moon 350 P Pre-Amp by Moon a 24-bit/192kHz high-performance D/A converter with USB , BRAND NEW SOLD OUT!!
$2,099 $3,999

KLIPSCH: Gallery 28 Pack

Klipsch Gallery Theater Pack G28 System Exclusive To RIO !
$1,998 $3,899

Audiolab: 8000X7 and 8000AP

AudioLab Preamp and Power Amplifier 7x100Watts RMS of Pure Power! Only 1 Available! In Silver Only
$1,995 $6,999

Velodyne: SPL1200U

Velodyne SPL1200 Ultra Powered Subwoofer Available Now in Black Gloss and White
$1,949 $2,499

Yamaha: YSP4100

YSP4100 Digital Surround System inc Powered Subwoofer
$1,799 $2,499

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 30

Wharfedale Evolution 2 30 Series Speakers in Wood Veneer or Piano Gloss Black/Rosewood
$1,799 $2,999

Pioneer: SCLX76K

Pioneer LX76 Theatre Receiver, THX Select 2 ,Air Studios, 4K Pass Through,8 HDMI Premium Cinema
$1,795 $2,499

Yamaha: RXV3073

Yamaha RXV3073 Theatre Amplifier with 11.2 DSP. BACK IN STOCK !! LIMITED TIME
$1,748 $2,495

Philips: 55HFL5007D

Philips 55HFL5007D 10 Star Energy Rated Full Smart HD TV with 400HZ Processing
$1,688 $2,499


ARCAM AVR360 FULL HD AV Receiver 7 x 75Watts RMS Plus iPad Control
$1,595 $1,999

Pioneer: SCLX56K

Pioneer LX56 Theatre Receiver, THX Select 2 ,Air Studios, 4K Pass Through,Premium Cinema Receiver
$1,495 $1,799

Wharfedale: Opus2m1

Most Acclaimed Wharfedale Floor Standing Speakers,compared with the best in the industry!
$1,495 $3,099

Wharfedale: Opus2-Tri-Surround

Most Acclaimed Wharfedale Floor Standing Speakers only compared with the best! Limited Stock!
$1,495 $3,199

Yamaha: NP-S2000

Yamaha NP-S2000 Network Player with iTunes and Windows Media Wireless Playback
$1,488 $1,999

Velodyne: SPL800U

Velodyne SPL800 Ultra Powered Subwoofer available in White Gloss and Black Gloss, Stock Here Now!
$1,488 $1,899

RIO Pack: Mirrage + Yamaha Pack 1

Mirrage MX Theatre Pack with Yamaha RXV573 Theatre Amplifier
$1,399 $2,599

Yamaha: RXV2073

Yamaha RXV2073 Theatre Receiver with iPad,iPhone and Android Control, Airplay Onboard Now.
$1,379 $1,999

RIO Pack: RIO Minx Pack

RIO Minx Theatre Pack includes the MINX 315 System and Yamaha RXV573 Theatre Amplifier
$1,299 $2,098

RIO Pack: RIO HDT600 Pack

RIO HDT600 Pack Comes with Award Winning Klipsch Speakers and Yamaha RXV573 AMP!
$1,299 $2,098

Velodyne: EQMAX15

Velodyne EQMAX 15 Subwoofer for Thunderous Power In Your Home. IN STOCK NOW!!
$1,295 $1,699

Toshiba: 55VL900A

Toshiba 55VL900A LED TV + 3D/Smart TV inc 4 Glasses. Limited Stock Only!!
$1,295 $2,199


ARCAM BDP300 High End Bluray Player, Built In Wolfson 8741 Audio DAC's
$1,288 $1,599

RIO Pack: VardusPack

Wharfedale Vardus Theatre Pack Complete with Yamaha NetWork Theatre Amplifier, Now Available !
$1,199 $1,799

MOON: 260D

Moon 260D CD Player, 24-bit / 352.8kHz, digital input, RS232, Brand NEW !
$1,199 $2,399

Yamaha: YHT598AU

Yamaha YHT598AU Theatre Pack Now Available For Immediate Shipping
$1,195 $1,499

Pioneer: VSXLX55

PIONEER VSX-LX55 Theater Amplifier with Airplay/3D and Full Network Control. 5 ONLY Brand NEW 5 Year Warranty
$1,149 $1,799

Cambridge Audio: 551R

Cambridge Audio 551R Home Theatre Receiver 3D, Faroudja Video Processor, 7.1 110W/Ch Amplifier
$1,088 $1,399

RIO Pack: RIO Block Buster Mini Pack

RIO Block Buster Mini Pack With 5 Star Winning DX-1 Speakers and Yamaha RXV473 AMP
$999 $1,498

Philips: 46HFL5573

46" Philips LED TV 400HZ Panel with Smart TV. 3Year Warranty Made in Europe. Limited Stock!
$999 $1,999

Wharfedale: SW 300

Wharfedale SW-300 Powered Subwoofer 300Watts RMS Power Black Only
$995 $1,999


Klipsch SB3 Dynamic Cinema Sound Bar with Wireless Thunderous Subwoofer
$995 $1,399

Yamaha: CD-S1000

CD-S1000 Yamaha Pure Natural CD Player with SACD ONLY IN SILVER 1 NEW LEFT !
$995 $2,199


ARCAM A18 Intergrated Stereo Amplifier
$995 $1,299

Pioneer: VSXLX53

Pioneer VSXLX53 Home Theatre Receiver Clearance Item
$949 $1,799

Yamaha: MCR-840

Yamaha MCR-840 Micro Component System with HDMI Silver with Black Speakers ONLY!
$899 $1,299

Pioneer: VSXLX52

Pioneer SCLX52 EX Demo Amplifier with Full Warranty Carton Damage Only.
$899 $1,799

Cambridge Audio: Minx S315

Minx II by Cambridge Audio 5.1 Theatre System Sub Satellite Pack Black ONLY!
$899 $1,199

Yamaha: YHT597AU

Yamaha YHT597AU Theatre System with Outdoor Speaker Zone B on Amp. EXCLUSIVE TO RIO !
$799 $1,299

Velodyne: EQMAX12

Velodyne EQMAX12 Powered Subwoofer 12" 225 Watts RMS Front Firing
$795 $1,199

Yamaha: R-S700

Yamaha Flag Ship Stereo Receiver Now Made More Affordable
$749 $999

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 Centre

Wharfedale Evolution 2 Centre Series Speakers in Wood Veneer or Piano Gloss Black/Rosewood
$749 $1,099

Yamaha: MCR-755

Yamaha MCR-755 Micro System with Blu-Ray and 3D Capability On-Board
$699 $999

Yamaha: RXV673

Yamaha RXV673B Theatre Amplifier with Air Play ,4K HD and Zone 2 Audio inc USB Front Input. LIMITED STOCK!
$697 $1,099

Velodyne: EQMAX10

Velodyne EQMAX10 10" Powered Subwoofer 195 Watts RMS Front Firing
$695 $999

Cambridge Audio: 651BD

Cambridge Audio 651BD 1080p 3D Bluray Player
$649 $999

Yamaha: YTS-F500

Yamaha Floor Stand and TV Mount for New Sound Bar Installations
$648 $749

Tangent: fjord

Tangent fjord DAB + Radio / CD / iPhone Docking System
$645 $999

Yamaha: ISX-800

Restio by Yamaha is Now Available Designed with Elegance and Complete Style IN STOCK! ALL COLORS
$645 $999

Yamaha: YHTS401

YAMAHA YHTS401 Digital Sound Bar Projector
$639 $799

Yamaha: CDN500

Yamaha CDN500 CD Player with Network Capability. Available Now!
$638 $799

Yamaha: R-S500

Yamaha Stereo Amplifier with Tuner Built-In
$599 $799

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 10

Wharfedale Evolution 2 10 Series Speakers in Wood Veneer or Piano Gloss Black/Rosewood Limited Stock
$599 $1,649

Wharfedale: DX1

Wharfedale DX1 Theater Package, WHAT-HIFI 2011 Winner of Best Sub/Sat Pack
$599 $799

Philips: 32HFL5573

32" Philips LED TV 400HZ Panel with Smart TV Technology Made in Europe! 3 Year Warranty!
$599 $949


Klipsch G17 Air Dock with HUGE Sound and Easy Settup!
$559 $799

Yamaha: KMS-710

Yamaha KMS-710 Karoake Speakers
$499 $799

Wharfedale: Evolution 2 8

Wharfedale Evolution 2 8 Series Speakers in Wood Veneer or Piano Gloss Black/Rosewood Limited Stock!
$499 $1,449

Yamaha: RXV573

Yamaha RXV573 3D 7.1 Home Theatre Receiver with Zone B and iPad/iPhone Android Streaming
$495 $899

Wharfedale: Power Cube 10DX

Wharfedale Power Cube 10DX Powered Subwoofer 100 Watts RMS. ONLY in Gloss Rosewood 1 Left!
$495 $1,099

Cambridge Audio: DacMagicPlus

Cambridge Audio's DacMagicPlus Brings Digital Audio Back To Life
$495 $699

Yamaha: MCR332

Yamaha MCR332 Piano Craft Micro Hifi System with USB and DAB+ Radio
$485 $695

Pure: Contour

PURE Contour iPhone/iPod Docking System with DAB+ Digital Radio in Internet Radio
$479 $599

Yamaha: R-S300

Yamaha Stereo Amplifier with Built-In Tuner
$449 $599

Pioneer: BDPLX55

Pioneer LX55 Premium 1080p 3D Player, The Professionals Choice In BluRay
$449 $599

Yamaha: RXV473

Yamaha RXV473 Theatre Amplifier your progression to home theatre with Air Play
$429 $699

Yamaha: NSP437

$399 $999

Boston Acoustics: Voyager RK6T2

Single speaker stereo outdoor rock speaker with 6.5" woofer
$399 $599

Tangent: Tangent Alio DAB+

Tangent Timeless Digital Radio+ with Ipod Dock and CD Player Built In. Clock Radio Functionality Included
$395 $699

Strong: SRT7000

STRONG SRT7000 Hard Drive Recorder with iPad and iPhone View inc Smart TV
$395 $599

Yamaha: HPHPRO500

Yamaha HPHPRO500 the best Yamaha have to offer, Now Available !
$359 $449

Sennheiser: PXC 310

Sennheiser PXC 310 Noise Canceling Headphones
$349 $649

Sennheiser: PX 360BT

Sennheiser PX 360 Blu-Tooth Headphones with SRS Surround Sound
$349 $729

Cambridge Audio: 350A

Azur 350A Cambridge Stereo Amplifier 90Watts RMS ONLY SILVER ! Only 2 Left New!
$349 $599

Pioneer: XWSMA1K

Pioneer XWSMA1K Wireless Multi-Room Audio System, iPad, iPhone or Android Control
$329 $399

Yamaha: MCR-040

Yamaha MCR-040 Digital Radio / iPod Docking System with CD Player ONLY In Dark Brown/Dark Green/Orange
$299 $499

Tangent: DAB 2 GO

Tamgent DAB 2 GO Portable DAB+ Digital Radio
$299 $499

Sennheiser: RS 180

Sennheiser RS 180 Head Phones thew Pinnacle of Wireless Head Phones
$289 $549

Yamaha: HPHPRO400

Yamaha HPHPRO400 If music is your passion, Yamaha designed the HPH-PRO400 headphones for you, IN STOCK NOW!
$279 $349

SMS Audio: Street By 50 Wireless

Street By 50 Over Ear Wireless Headphones in Black/ White/ Silver
$275 $399

Yamaha: TSX-120

Yamaha Ipod Dock and Clock Radio DAB+ with Full Remote Function Limited Stock! Available in Both Black and White
$249 $499

Sennheiser: HD 380PRO

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones Now Available at RIO
$249 $299

Sennheiser: HD25-II

One of the Very Best Ever Produced Headphones by Sennheiser
$249 $349

Yamaha: TSX80

YAMAHA TSX80 iPod Dock Clock Radio with DAB+ Digital. ONLY Purple and Blue Available
$229 $395

Sennheiser: PXC 250

Travel - Closed, supra-aural headphones with active noise compensation
$229 $299

Sennheiser: RS 170

Sennheiser RS 170 Cordless Headphones with Closed Cupped Head Set
$228 $449

Yamaha: HPHPRO300

Yamaha HPHPRO300 Headphones available now and ready to ship
$199 $249

Yamaha: NX-E800

Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers 2 Way Piono Gloss Black Finish
$199 $499

Sennheiser: RS 160

Wireless RS160 Headphones Compact Design with new Digital Transmitter
$199 $399

KLIPSCH: Image One

Klipsch Image One Headphones Only Suitable For People Who Want The BEST
$199 $249

Tangent: Tangent Trio DAB+

Digital Radio+ In High Gloss White / Black and Red. Full Clock Radio Function with Ipod Input
$198 $499

Sennheiser: RS120 II

Sennheiser RS120 II Cordless Headphones With Charger New and Read For Shipping
$179 $249

Pure: Evoke 1s Marshall

PURE Evoke 1s Marshall Digital Radio with styling to replicate Marshall Guitar Amps
$179 $279

Yamaha: BDS473

Yamaha BDS473 3D Blu-Ray Player with iPhone Control App, Network Capability
$178 $229


Klipsch iGroove SXT WWI iPod Docking System
$174 $249

SMS Audio: Street By 50 Over Ear

Street By 50 Over Ear Wired Headphones Available in Black/ White/ Blue
$169 $249

Pure: Contour 100Di

Pure Contour 100Di Clock Radio DAB + with iPod/iPhone Docking System
$169 $298

Pure: Move 2500

PURE Move 2500 Portable DAB+ Digital Radio
$155 $189

Sangean: DPR-17 B

Sangean's Latest Digital Radio with built in Recorder !
$149 $299

Pure: Elan II

Pure Elan II Digital Radio with DAB + , Software Upgrade via USB, ReVu Technology
$139 $199

Sennheiser: HD518

Sennhesier HD518 Headphones Open Back for Deeper Bass
$138 $199

Pure: Siesta

Pure Siesta Digital DAB+ Clock/Alarm Radio for Bedside inc iPod Dock
$125 $179

Yamaha: YDS-12

Yamaha YDS-12 Ipod Dock
$99 $179

KOSS: Tony Bennett

KOSS Tony Bennett Special Edition Studio Head Phones Now Available
$99 $199

Sangean: DPR 34+

DPR 34+ Portable Digital Radio with Speaker inc Headphones BLACK Only!
$99 $199

Yamaha: PDX-13

Yamaha iPod Docking System with Clock / Alarm Green ONLY and 1 LEFT!!! NEW!
$89 $149

Yamaha: YBA-10

Yamaha Blu-Tooth Dock
$89 $179

SMS Audio: Street By 50 Earbuds

Street By 50 In-Ear Wired Headphones Available in Black and White
$89 $129

Pure: One Classic

Pure One Classic Digital Radio with DAB+ with RevIew Pause and Rewind Radio 15min
$89 $169

Sennheiser: HD 212

DJ - High attenuation of ambient noise, ideal for DJs
$85 $139

Tangent: ALIO Junior

Tangent ALIO Junior AM/FM Radio Great Price Great Radio, Limited Stock!
$79 $229

Red Eye: Red Eye Mini

Convert your Iphone or Ipad into a Remote Control with Macro's
$69 $99

Sennheiser: CX 300

Classic - High-quality ear-canal phones with bass-driven sound
$69 $89

Pioneer: BT100

BT 100 Blutooth Adapter for the Pioneer AV Receivers
$69 $119