Wow just saw the ad for Dick's Daily Deals, they have PHILIPS Digital wireless Headphones SHD8600 for $99, they display $199 until myou put them in to your basket-

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PHILIPS Digital wireless Headphones SHD8600

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  • Catalogue #: A7408
    The Philips digital wireless headphones give you the freedom to enjoy TV and music around your home. Digital transmission delivers flawless reception and great sound reproduction. The pivoting ear shells and self-adjusting inner headband offers extra fit and comfort.
    Superior listening experience

    • Crystal-clear (2.4 GHz) digital transmission
      The 2.4 GHz digital transmission prevents compression and data loss between the transmitter and the headphones. The digital signals are converted to analogue signals at the end of the transmission process. The end-result is superb sound quality, with smooth acoustics and minimal data loss.
    • Acoustically tuned speakers for outstanding sound quality
      Pure balanced sound is achieved by expert acoustic tuning for the speaker elements. In particular, the high tones and deep bass are reproduced with greater precision.

    Provides comfort for prolonged use

    • Self adjusting inner headband ensures a comfortable fit
      The inner headband makes it easy to obtain a perfect fit for your head. The mechanism adjusts automatically for comfort.
    • Pivoting ear-shells ensure a comfortable fit
      A perfect fit between the ear-shells and your ears prevents sound leakage and enhances the listening experience. The ear-shells move up and down as well as left and right for a perfect fit and optimum comfort.

    Ease of use

    • Quick charge feature for speedy recharging
      The smart and quick charge feature enables the battery to be fully recharged within a very short time span. The remaining power capacity present in the battery is determined by an internal circuit, so that the incoming voltage can be optimised for a quick recharge while at the same time maximising the battery lifespan.
    • Store your receiver on the convenient docking station
      The docking station provides convenient, tailor-made storage for your receiver when not in use, and on some models, it even takes care of battery charging.

Buy PHILIPS Digital wireless Headphones SHD8600 | Read Reviews | Dick Smith Online Shopping