GME TX655 UHF Twin CB Handhelds - 80ch $129.85, great price from Ryda!

GME TX655 UHF Handheld Radio - ($129.85)RYDA UHF

GME TX655 UHF Twin CB Handhelds - 80ch
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Features In The Box


Product Origin: Australian Purchased GME Stock
Warranty: GME 12 Month Warranty

GME TX655 UHF Twin CB Handhelds
80 Channel


  • 80 Channel
  • 1/0.5 Watt RF power switchable
  • Key Pad Lock
  • Auto Power Save
  • CTCSS with 38privacy tones.
  • VOX

What sets the TX655 apart from the rest of the pack is its tiny size and superior performance. The TX655 is just 12 mm thick yet has a full one watt RF output. For close range communications the radio can be switched to 0.5 watts to increase the available talk time. The receive sensitivity and front end filtering of the TX655 meets GME's high standards and you will find the unit is unbeatable in all areas.
Key Features

  • Microprocessor controlled frequency synthesiser - Allows user programmable control of scanning, channel memories and selected feature options.
  • Calling tone/Roger beep - Alerts you to incoming calls.
  • Programmable scan function - Scans up to 80 UHF CB channels.
  • Dual watch - Monitors two channels simultaneously.
  • In-built CTCSS - User selectable Continuous Tone Coded Squelch system for quiet channel operation.
  • VOX - Voice activated transmit for hands free operation.
  • 1 watt/0.5 watt RF power - When transmitting in close range you can conserve battery power by using the Low Power setting.
  • In-Built LED torch
  • Individually programmable duplex function - User selectable for those individual repeater channels in your area.
  • Room monitor function
  • Power-Save feature - Sleeps during periods of inactivity.
  • Intercom function - For use with optional intercom connector.
  • In-built Li-Ion rechargeable battery - Average 10 hours working time.
  • Voice scrambler - Makes your voice unintelligible to others not using the same scrambler technology.
  • Keypad Lock - Prevents accidental button presses.
  • Backlit LCD - For night viewing.

The TX655 comes in a twin pack complete with two smart chargers with twin adaptor.

GME TX655 UHF Handheld Radio - ($129.85)RYDA UHF