It's funny I've actually signed up to an energy company through a sales person knocking at my door, I was about to switch and had researched it and when the guy rocked up he was able to give me 5% extra off the online tariff, however the next 37560000000002 door knockers have not been able to do anything but waste my time!

This is a great freebie from Origin Energy, the cynic in me says "our competition are doing a lot of good deals by door sales that we can't compete with, I know we'll give out free stickers to stop them!" OR "we keep getting phone calls from people complaining about the sales people we better do something about it" if you do want to find the best electricity or gas prices there's a few comparison websites in Australia to check over, check this thread for Go Switch and a few in the second post: Compare Electricity & Gas prices online, best deals thanks to Go Switch! that maybe of help to save you some money, now onto that free sticker from Origin Energy:

Free ‘Do not knock’ sticker

Prefer not to have door to door sales people knocking on your front door? If so, order a "Do not knock" sticker for your front door below.

Once the sticker's up they should get the message to leave you alone - that includes our sales people too.