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Awaken the senses with this delicious ginger blend of creamy roasted macadamia nuts, decadent pistachios, activated buckinis, the warm flavours of ginger spice and the tang of zesty barberries, this mix is low in salt & a great source of dietary fibre.

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Many people are shocked to discover that their "healthy" go-to breakfast is actually laden with extra sugar, unnecessary calories, carbs and fat – and rightly so when the packaging and slogans scream promises of greater health.
By Choosing LifeLong Superfood Muesli you'll be able to enjoy a range of select muesli in Premium Fruit & Nut, All Fruit or Gluten free variants.
Our Muesli is the only Premium quality muesli that has the Heart Foundation Tick of Approval, the Coeliac Gluten Free endorsement It is made from up to 15 delicious, nutrient rich Superfoods from the Grains, Fruit, Seeds, Coconut and Nut categories.
With LifeLong Superfoods Muesli you will definitely “Eat Better”