I love Tassie, and I think Shopaholic, a regular poster on SaverScene is there at the moment. If you've not been it's a great place for a holiday, either in winter or summer. Actually my first time there was 12 years ago this week! Came home drunk one night, got on the net, went where have I not been in Oz? There was an ad for Tassie. Booked a flight for the next day. I'd forgotten when I woke up!!! Glad I checked my emails, turned out to be one of the best trips I've ever taken (except I had my first digital camera, backpack and mini disk player stolen whilst staying in a backpackers in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia), spent 12 days in Tassie and some of the people I met are still great friends.

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Tasmania was made for exploring at your own pace, with its compact size and diverse landscapes it’s the perfect place for a driving holiday. The best part about taking your car with you, is that you can take all the things you need or even stop to pick up a few things along the way.
There's also a range of accommodation options to suit every budget – from low-cost Ocean Recliners to Four Berth, Three Berth, Twin and Deluxe private cabins.
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