Great idea free online videos for Yoga on youtube. I've been trying to do yoga to help with pain after cycling accident, however carpal tunnel stops me doing a lot on the floor. For example can't do things from about 2:15 in the Unravel video.

You can pretty much skip the first video:
Carolyn Introduces Release the Tension

Unravel the Tension with Carolyn Anne Budgell

Clara Introduces Detox Flow!

Detox Flow with Clara Roberts-Oss

Do yoga with Clara Roberts-Oss! Music by Amrita

More about this class: This Detox Flow class lead by lululemon ambassador Clara Roberts-Oss will energize and inspire you. Suitable for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced are shown).

Music in this video by Amrita:

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Thanks to: complimentary yoga classes | the gift of yoga from lululemon athletica for the free gift of yoga.