I love freebies and I love brownies

I ♥ brownies are offering free samples:

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I look forward to trying them

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Our eggs are laid by happy free-ranging chooks, our butter is pure and unadulterated, our flour is top-notch gluten free, our sugar comes from Queensland cane farmers, and our chocolate and cocoa is high-grade dark couveture.

Because we also respect and support ethical and sustainable farming, transport and production processes I ♥ brownies only uses ingredients that are produced or farmed locally.

Last but not least…..I ♥ brownies are 100% coelic friendly. If your body is sensitive to wheat you have nothing to fear here, our brownies are wheat and cross contact wheat-free. Feel free to eat I ♥’s to your hearts content!

So… Are you ready for a gastronomic brownie experience yet? If you are, we would love to send some samples your way.