It's only a free online cookbook that you can download, could print it out if you want. Or could be helpful and fine if you use a iPad in the kitchen:

Easy, Delicious, Nutritious Crowd-Pleasers
for Time-Pressed Families

Part of our Italian heritage is sitting together around the dinner table with our family and friends,
savoring the taste of home-cooked pasta and sharing stories about our days. Meaningful moments
like thoseówhere you make the time to connect over a good mealóreally do create some of the
best memories.
But today, life is busier than ever. Itís no surprise, really, that when we asked, we found that 58
percent of parents said their life is more hectic than it was a year ago. With all the wonderful things
that being part of a family gives us, there are also responsibilitiesópeople to take care of, errands
to run, to-do lists to complete and schedules to balance.
At Barilla, we know that despite the challenges, dinnertime is importantóand our survey showed
that as parents, you worry that if you donít put a home-cooked meal on the table, your familyís
nutrition suffers and youíll miss out on valuable family time. Thatís why we created this special
edition cookbook, to help bring families together over a bowl of pasta, a traditional favorite thatís
also a modern-day solution for even the most chaotic day. Itís versatile, quick, nutritious, affordable,
a crowd-pleaser and allows you to multi-task while itís cooking.
In the pages that follow, youíll find convenient icons that represent top barriers to mealtime in
American households alongside recipes to help make dinner enjoyable and possible for your
family. With each delicious pasta dish, weíve included a tip that takes into account your busy
schedules from blogger and ďDinner: A Love StoryĒ author Jenny Rosenstrach.
To help others share the table, Barilla is partnering with Feeding America, the nationís leading
domestic hunger-relief charity, whose mission is to feed Americaís hungry. For every virtual hug
shared on Barillaís Facebook page on World Pasta Day, we will donate the equivalent of 4 meals
to Feeding America, with a goal of donating 200,000 total meals. Thank you for helping us support
this wonderful charity.
Buon appetito!
Your Friends at Barilla