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Free CFL lightbulbs | Live Green with LESS | Adelaide | Save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with FREE CFL Lightbulbs

Free CFL lightbulbs for Adelaide

Energy-saving CFL lightbulbs for residents of Adelaide, installed for you at absolutely no charge

Adelaide households can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money by replacing their old lightbulbs with energy-saving CFLs for FREE with Live Green for LESS.
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) lightbulbs use 80% less power*and last up to 20 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs.
* Based on information from
This means that each CFL prevents approximately 19 standard incandescent bulbs going to landfill.
Saving energy reduces your power bill, saves you money and helps protect our environment.
Live Green with LESS will give you up to 20 FREE energy-efficientCFLs to replace currently installed incandescent bulbs and we'll install them for FREE as well.
Benefits of energy-efficient CFLs from Live Green with LESS

  • Reduce energy use and cut your power billsCFLs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs*

    * Based on information from
  • Long-lasting and environmentally friendlyCFLs last up to 20 times longer than non-efficient bulbs
  • Up to 20 available per eligible householdReplace your currently installed and inefficient incandescent bulbs for free
  • Safe, environmentally responsible disposal of old bulbsFor your ease, we remove and correctly dispose of all replaced bulbs
  • Installed for free by expert installersCourteous and professional installation service

Eligibility for free CFLs

Thanks to Live Green with LESS, Adelaide households are entitled to up to 20 CFL lightbulbs to replace old incandescent globes, all professionally installed, completely FREE of charge.
Please note that due to Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) requirements,CFLs may only be offered to replace currently installed incandescent bulbs.
Our professional installers are unable to replace existing CFLs or leave any spare stock and will advise you as to whether the CFLs are suitable for your property. Additionally, our installers cannot replace downlights or install bulbs on dimmer switches as they may not be compatible.
All replaced incandescent bulbs are disposed of safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. For this reason, we are unable to return any old lightbulbs once they have been replaced.
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