I was having a quick look through the Just Kidding magazine, a lot seems to be ads about different toys, my little pony, lego pokemon, marvel and a few competitions. I found the Super Australian's section interesting, but they've got Matthew Flinders listed as a super Australian, we all know that he was English born and I'm pretty sure even died in England.

ISSUU - Justkidding iss05 aug13 by Yarra Media

There's also interviews with Newcastle legend Andrew Johns and Big Time Rush.

Money Matters -On page 36-37
good to get kids saving money early!!! Obviously the best way to make the most out of your money when trying to save is getting a good interest rate, I know may not be for kids, but I've just set up the term deposits section here: Compare the best term deposit interest rates | Money Saver Scene Australia to help people get the best interest rates.

Overall not a bad magazine, and if you're happy to read it online then it's free!

there also seems to be games and a lot to do on the JustKidding website:

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