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Printers and Ink: Money Saving Secrets Everyone Should Know
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Book Description

Publication Date: March 6, 2013
Stop paying inflated prices for ink. learn how I starting paying cents instead of dollars. No refilling mess, no chipping your cartridges, just the simple changes I made that will save you thousands over the life time of your printer.

This remarkable book is jam packed with revelations about the price you're REALLY paying for your home inkjet printer ink, and revealing how you can easily pay just a fraction of that from this point onwards.
Not only that, the book is crammed full of hints and tips to let you easily master the art of ensuring your printer always produces superb quality prints for just cents per page.
Some of the issues we deal with this book are:
-Choices. We look at what you should and shouldn't do to save money.
-Steps you must take to make your printer last a long time.
-Why you shouldn't re-fill your cartridges. Why it's not only messy but can harm your printer.
-Why manufacturers cartridges are so expensive. And why you will never have to use them ever again.
-and LOTS more