early start this morning with a free offer from Natvia, Varium and WBC Worlds Best Cereals on Facebook:
Welcome to Crave Life

It's back!

The great success of the first Workplace Sampling demanded we do it again!

So if you want samples of Natvia, Vitarium and WBC Worlds Best Cereal in your workplace, email: info@natvia.com.au with the subject line "My Office is Healthy!" and the following details:

- Your full name
- Your organisation's name
- Your contact number
- Address to receive the sample
- How many employees in your office
- How many kitchens

Remember, share this with your friends and family so they can get freebies too!

If you like our page and share this post, we'll even give you extra goodies!

So spread the word, and let's make our offices and workplaces healthy!

P/S This is on a first come first serve basis.
So email us and share this post before the offer runs out!

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