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huggies pull-ups

HUGGIES PULL-UPS® training pants are tailor made with learning signals for successful toilet training. Pull-Ups are designed to help get your child get interested and ready to start toilet training.
They’re specifically designed to be less absorbent than nappies and nappy-pants with a tailored wetness liner that helps little kids understand
the difference between wet and dry. The liner temporarily allows your child to feel wetness against their skin while also maintaining comfortable and hygienic conditions.

Additionally because they are thinner and less bulky, they signal the transition from nappies to real undies. Request a free training pants sample today.
Try Huggies Pull-Ups® Training Pants and find out how they are tailor made for successful toilet training.
Samples are available to residents of Australia and New Zealand. There is a limit of two samples per year per household.

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