Has anyone used the eTax e-tax | Australian Taxation Office page? Is it worth doing? Here's the info from the youtube page:

5 easy steps to lodge your tax return online with e-tax.
Lodge online with e-tax. It's free, fast and secure.

To download e-tax or for more information go to e-tax | Australian Taxation Office from July 1st.

Good reasons to lodge online with e-tax
1. Most refunds within 12 business days.
2. Save time by pre-filling some information directly into your tax return.
3. Built-in checks and calculators help you get it right.
4. Save and print at any time.
5. Get instant confirmation when you have lodged.

Remember to lodge your tax return by October 31st.

Or would a cheap accountant make more sense? I saw this one not far from me: Olfive offering cheap deals in:July 2013:

Olfive Accountants and SMSF Auditors
Student tax returns from $60 excluding GST
Investment property returns from $130 ex GST
Sole Traders return from $90 Ex GST