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Thread: Car use for business tax logging? ATO Log book?? Travel expenses and tax?

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    Car use for business tax logging? ATO Log book?? Travel expenses and tax?

    Hi all I have to drive a bit for work and I have heard there's changes in the way we present a ATO Logbook for distances driven, is this true and how best to do it?

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    Have you tried Logit App from Fleetcare? It's free for iPhone and Android:

    Vehicle log book app | Car log book app | FBT log book
    Just in time for FBT tax time!FBT compliance for hundreds of thousands of Australian drivers of company vehicles now easier with Fleetcare’s free ‘Logit’ appLogit changes the way drivers record and manage their company data, making it stress free during dreaded FBT tax time!
    Feb 26, 2013……Thousands of Australian drivers who need a logbook for
    their car- either to support their own tax deductions or because their
    employers require it for Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) are rejoicing this
    year with the recent launch of Logit, named as one of ‘Kochies’ top 10
    Best Business Apps for 2012’. Now it’s as simple as clicking start
    trip-end trip on their Smartphone and it’s all done for them. The
    demise of laborious log books and reduction of margin for error is
    delighting finance departments and accountants across the nation.
    free app from Fleetcare, Logit uses Smartphone’s GPS functionality,
    logs relevant data and publishes an online and printable log book and
    travel expense report in an ATO-compliant format at the end of a 12 week
    period. Features in the app include the recording of journey dates,
    entries for odometer readings, distance travelled and fields to describe
    the purpose of each journey. Uniquely, Logit offers a support desk.
    app allows users to add multiple vehicles, managing more than one log
    book at a time. An intuitive trip memory is also featured,
    automatically recalling data from the most frequently travelled routes
    and auto-populating data in new entries.
    “If your work pays for
    your car, keeping track of your journeys is essential to avoid potential
    FBT issues,” says Fleetcare CEO Nigel Malcolm. “ATO guidelines are
    built into the Logit app, so the stress of remembering and recording
    company trips is gone, making the dreaded FBT deadline a no-brainer.”
    4.5+ star rated app is free to everyone to download and is found in the
    iTunes App Store for iPhone, and the Google Play store for Android


    It's here! Australia's first FREE and ATO compliant vehicle logbook app, Logit!

    Search Logit Fleetcare in the app store or google play or use the buttons below for more info

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    Logit App free for iPhone and Android for ATO Compliant travel log book.

    Logit from Fleetcare - electronic vehicle logbook app

    "Logit is a vehicle logbook app from Fleet Management company Fleetcare.
    The App offers numerous functions such as using GPS to log trips, an
    edit/view trip function and a manual trip submission option. The app is
    fully ATO compliant and allows you to publish and submit your logbook
    details. Those who elect to use the operating cost method for FBT
    management will find the app particularly useful."

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    perfect that's exactly what I need, thank you for the response!

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    Sorry I missed this thread, that's a great logbook system, a very sensible idea, I wonder if they'll offer it for Windows phone 8 in the future?

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