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Thread: Commsec reports for Friday the 13th, drops in Gold prices and Myer shares, increases in Qantas

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    Commsec reports for Friday the 13th, drops in Gold prices and Myer shares, increases in Qantas

    Bit late the big news is probably the drop in Gold

    13th Sep 2013, CommSec AM Report: Hype subsides -AM report

    Oh a Friday the 13th joke Quantitative Easing, close to a 5 year high again, Qantas and Virgin up, Myer down further.
    13th Sep 2013, CommSec Aussie Mid-Session Report: Aussie shares slip first time this week - YouTube

    I felt it a bit odd that nothing was mentioned on the upcoming twitter IPO.
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    Thank you for adding the Commsec videos, I keep forgetting they're out there and good way to learn.

    Just saw this on The Australian website:
    Australian share market cools from five-year high

    AUSTRALIAN shares closed lower, retreating from yesterday's five-year high as global equity markets weakened and investors turned their focus to next week's key Federal Reserve policy meeting.

    Will have to look into the Twitter IPO as well.

    I'm still unsure about a lot of these tech companies, I've worked online since 1994 and a few years offline and always been told to look at the actual earnings after cost of an online company for 6 months only, as brand loyalty changes, not the 3 years you may do for a predominately bricks and mortar manufacturing company. I knew Facebook was well over valued at it's initial share price and fell to what I felt it may be able to pull off (still too high IMHO), but a valuation of 100 Billion and having earnings of 4 to 6 Billion per year, from what I understand before costs which are getting listed as about $1 Billion per quarter, meaning that 4 Billion per year in earnings gives a grand total of $0 return if costs are indeed $1 Billion per quarter, I've seen as much as $1.5 Billion/quarter listed, which they'd need to get the top at 6 Billion to break even.
    Dear World I have $0 in my back pocket, please value my back pocket at $100 Billion!

    FB there's money to be made, but with so many pictures, videos, and page views per day and most people don't pay attention to the ads it will be using a lot of bandwidth for very little return. Guess the money is in the data mining, but even then they get it very wrong 90% of my ads show Dating websites and I'm listed as married. My wife a Vegan got ads for hunting equipment!

    So Twitter, not sure, I see a lot of ads on it, but none I've ever wanted to click, just the same as FB, where as on google I see a lot that interest me as it's what I've searched for and very specific and direct.

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