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One way to save money in Australia is obviously create your own power, or if you like travelling with a 4wd and or caravan then a Solar setup is fantastic, there's great savings to be had:

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I've heard great things about the following inverters:

8ZEDô Value Performance Power Inverters - Enjoy Savings

8ZEDô Value Performance range of Pure and Modified Sine Wave Inverters are a fantastic and economical way to provide mobile power conversion anywhere for basic mains or USB appliances. 8ZEDô Value Performance offers you a low price and great value product, made tough for the Australian environment.
The complete low cost package of 12V and 24V inverters and accessories for off grid power use in your ute, truck, car, camper, caravan or motor home.
Robust and built to handle rough off road working conditions.
Quality components and workmanship designed to withstand persistent off road vibration.
Larger cooling fans and extra heat sink channelling making the 8ZEDô capable of handling high ambient temperatures while extending component life.
Australian owned with great reliable service and Australia wide warranty that will not leave you stranded.
Provide off grid power conversion including mobile power from your car, boat, truck, 4WD or caravan to a range of appliances and tools, including PC accessories, mobile phones and games consoles.

8ZEDô Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter (Value Performance)
300W 24V Pure Sine Inverter $200 Buy now
600W 12V Pure Sine Inverter $350 Buy now
1000W 12V Pure Sine Inverter $475 Buy now

8ZEDô Modified Sine Wave (Value Performance)
150W 12V Modified Sine USB Cup Inverter $68 Buy now
300W 12V or 24V Modified Sine Inverter $125 Buy now
600W 12V or 24V Modified Sine Inverter $165 Buy now