Tactical Torch & Multi-Tool Seton sale from Anaconda, a handy little set for camping, in the car or around the house:

Tactical Torch & Multi-Tool Set

Torch & Multi-Tool Set

Ever need to open your can of baked beans in the dark Ė but you donít have a torch? Or a can opener for that matter? This heavy-duty torch and multi-tool set is the perfect companion, night or day, for the handyman or outdoorsy type. Featuring everything from a screwdriver to long nose pliers to a wood saw, there isnít anything the multi-tool canít handle. Stick these two in their tough nylon sheath, go forth and multiply. Or give them as a gift in their stylish black box.


  • Small blade knife
  • Large blade knife
  • Anodised coating
  • 9 piece bit kit

  • Torch
  • Sheath and holds multi-tool and torch