These are no doubt crap but if you only use them occasionally they are a bargain and anything will break if you tryu hard enough, I've broken quite a few trade quality tools, man it hurts when they let go

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Tool Kit

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The perfect gift for that methodical mender or organised overhauler.

Thereís nothing worse than being powerless to fix that annoying drip, to tighten that wobbly wheel, to replace that dodgy fitting or assemble that awesome new BBQ. Maybe your tools are strewn across the garage, haphazardly hidden in the furthest crevices of your shed, maybe youíve lend them to ďmatesĒ, maybe youíve never owned a 3/8 drill socket. People of New Zealand, wipe away your tradey tears, Captain 1-day is here and heís come tooled up.

This ultimate upkeep ensemble really is too tool for school, itís jam packed full of everything the home-based handyman (or woman) could ever wish for. Thereís a whole host of hex and combination, imperial and metric wrenches, enough measurements to make a tailor blush. Youíll receive heaps of sockets, screwdriver bits, allen keys, even cables ties, terminals and blades. Thereís pliers, spinners, knives, crimpers and testers. And all of this comes complete in a three-tiered, super-portable, slick-as metal carry case with handle.

The set is small enough to stow away in your shed, under the stairs or boot of the car, but large enough to let any maintenance issues know you mean business. The quality construction means that these tools are here to stay, and their ergonomic, practical design means theyíll be a joy to use. Whatís more, this top notch tool set is available today for a tool-tally terrific 1-day price. Pity da fools who donít buy these tools.

Kit contains:
3x ratchet socket driver 1/4"dr.3/8"dr.&1/2"dr.
2x extension bar 3/8"dr.x3", 1/2"dr.x5"
2x 3/8"dr.spark plug sockets 5/8"&13/16"
1x 1/4"dr.spinner handle
1x 1/4"dr.couple
10x 3/8"dr.sockets
6x 1/2"dr.sockets
24x 1/4"dr.sockets
20x 25mm screwdriver bits
16x hex key wrenches in SAE & Metric sizes
10x combination wrenches in SAE & Metric
1x 6" combination pliers
1x 8" groove joint pliers
1x 18mm snap-off knife
5x extra blades
1x 8" crimping tool
30x terminals assortment
1x tyre pressure gauge
1x 6-12-24v voltage tester
54x cable ties
1x wire brush
3 x Flathead screwdrivers
3x Philips screwdrivers
6pc precision screwdriver set
1x metal box with 2-drawer (dimension: 510*220*255mm

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204pc Tool Kit | Buy Cheap Deals Online |