A great money saving tip is to buy big purchases on a 0% credit card or no interest loan as long as there's no set up fees or other such issues, and putting the same amount as the purchase into a savings account.

I thought I'd start a thread about credit card stoozing so people can share their top 0% interest credit cards for new purchases and balance transfers.

You can stooze when there are fees but do make sure you'll earn more from interest on the money in the bank than the fees cost.

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More on Credit Card stoozing and using interest free loans and credit cards to your advantage:

Stoozing is getting a 0% interest loan from a bank, credit card or an interest free purchase from a shop and then depositing the same amount as the cost of the goods, the value of the loan or credit card into a savings account that gives you as best rate of interest for just shorter than the interest free period of the loan as you want to make sure you have the money available to pay back the debt before the interest on the credit card, loan or interest free purchase starts.

I listed a similar thing I do in money saving tips, tip #81: Lets try to name 1000 money saving hints!!!

Feel free to add top credit cards with interest free periods in this thread.