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Thread: Australian Made Cookware by Solidteknics, great warranty and reasonably priced

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    Australian Made Cookware by Solidteknics, great warranty and reasonably priced

    Australian Made Cookware isn't something you see every day and to see it come in at sensible prices makes it look even more attractive.
    This isn't on sale but I just like seeing stuff made in Australia, we can't all be baristas-


    SOLIDTEKNICS makes two ranges of cookware: AUSfonte™ cast iron and AUS-ION™ formed-iron (steel). Both are 100% made in Australia from Australian materials, both are multi-century durable, pre-seasoned bare iron for natural, non-toxic, forever-renewable nonstick. These are not disposable synthetic-coated pans.
    Both ranges cook very similarly, and are designed to work together as a complete set of complementary pans.

    AUSfonte™: high-performance cast iron.....a whole new category of cookware: Since their meteoric launch on Kickstarter in September 2014, our new-generation high-performance Australian-made AUSfonte™ cookware has been widely acclaimed by expert cooks; in strong demand at gourmet retail in Australia (#1 selling cookware on Australia's biggest kitchenware site, KitchenwareDirect), exported to the USA and soon to Europe.
    AUS-ION™: the world's only seamless one-piece steel chef pans: We experienced an even more rapid acclaim by top chefs when we launched the ground-breaking AUS-ION™ seamless formed-iron (steel) commercial cookware on Kickstarter in September 2015. The experts quickly realised that Australians had radically improved on the centuries-old French steel pans preferred by top chefs all around the world. AUS-ION™ formed-iron pans season and cook just like cast iron, but are half the weight.
    How tough are these Aussie pans? We offer a written multi-century warranty. This is not a marketing gimmick. This is solid engineering.
    Why so popular, so quickly? The two videos below neatly summarise the benefits of our two innovative new Australian iron cookware ranges, and more product detail can be found the link under each.

    SOLIDTEKNICS AUSFONTE cast iron cookware:

    For much more detail on Australian-made AUSfonte™ cast iron cookware, including instructions, click here.


    For much more detail on Australian-made AUS-ION™ formed-iron (steel) commercial chef cookware, click here.

    A note from our founder and development engineer, MJ Henry:
    "We're often asked to explain the difference between our two ranges of iron pans. For us, it's more about the cooking 'vibe', than just engineering, but here's my best shot at putting it into words: We've designed both ranges to work together as a full single range because there are subtle differences. The most obvious is weight, for chefs who use them all day, or anyone with weaker hands/arms, AUS-ION formed-iron/steel pans are significantly lighter than AUSfonte cast iron (eg. 24cm AUSfonte Sauteuse weighs 2.4kg, while 26cm AUS-ION Skillet weighs 1.6kg). Cast iron has greater thermal mass so takes more preheating, but then holds the heat very evenly, and longer. Because most AUS-ION pan models are quite thick for steel pans, they still heat very evenly."
    "The cooking performance is similar for both because they are both seasoned iron: particularly the browning from the maillard reaction, and natural nonstick properties (nothing beats seasoned bare iron or steel for those important benefits). Less obvious may be that cast iron always seasons more easily than smooth steel (because the porosity and texture of cast iron is a great anchor for seasoning, and we've got the best surface in modern cast iron: see ), but both arrive at the same place after smooth steel overcomes the initial patchiness and turns slippery, glossy black. "
    "We cook with both, but still say we prefer cooking on cast iron, and most 'purists' do.....but in reality we find ourselves reaching for AUS-ION for most mid-sized family cooking loads because it's just so easy to handle and clean up. For larger I always go with the BIGskillet - permanently installed on the cooktop - and for smaller loads the 18cm AUS-ION skillet, or 16cm AUSfonte. Then less often the specialty pans for specialty dishes, like the DEEPan/BIGskillet combo for slow cooking, grill inserts for thick steaks or roasting veggies, etc. Having said all that, we're really LOVING the new Crêpe/Griddle not only cooks perfectly, but has an amazing intangible 'feel' that is so *family*, somehow. Iron horses for courses!"
    In the bigger picture......
    ”Don't buy AUSfonte and AUS-ION pans as just a technically great product to last your whole lifetime. Invest in them as a family heirloom and spread the love down through many generations of shared cooking history."
    MJ Henry, SOLIDTEKNICS founder & design engineer

    *Patent and Trademark notice:

    AUS-ION™, AUSfonte™ and SOLIDTEKNICS are trademarks of Solidteknics Pty Ltd and reserved for our exclusive use worldwide. Various innovations in Solidteknics products or product features are protected under utility patents pending. Please do not copy any of our intellectual property. We defend our hard-earned innovations vigorously.
    To be clear: DO NOT COPY SOLIDTEKNICS cookware. The key utility features are protected in all our markets of interest.

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