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Thread: Kitchenware Direct End of year clearance starts now!

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    Kitchenware Direct End of year clearance starts now!

    Kitchenware Direct's end of year sale has just kicked off and they have free postage if you spend $30-

    Clearance Sale: up to 70% off | Kitchenware Direct

    Call us at 1800 669 608
    Email us at

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    Get up to 70% off on a wide selection of kitchenware, cookware and tableware! Our clearance sale offers big discounts on the best industry brands - grab what you can while it lasts!

    BrandShow All BrandsAladdinAmcoAvantiBaccaratBaker's SecretBar10derBormioli RoccoBrabantiaCelestronChasseurChef'nCorningwareCu isinartCuisiproDalla PiazzaDavis & WaddellE-clothEmile HenryFat Daddio'sFuelFuriGlobalIntelligent IceJab DesignJonathan AdlerKoziolKrosnoKuhn RikonLe CreusetLeifheitMastradMaxwell & WilliamsMondoMorphy RichardsNature'sNow DesignsNuanceOlde ThompsonPantonePaper EskimoPrimoPulltexPyroluxSalt & PepperScanpanSerroniSiggSiliconezoneSkybarTalaTrud eauUmbraVictorinoxWilkie BrothersWiltonWiltshireWrite ItZealZing AnythingZuperzozial

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    Save 57%(1)Scanpan Induction Plus 3pc Set w/ Saucepan, Frypan & Stewpot

    Save 40%Wilkie Brothers Oval Serving Tray 19x27cm

    Save 29%Jonathan Adler Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

    Save 50%Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher 1.7L Amethyst

    Save 21%Le Creuset GS400 Wine Accessory Set

    Save 30%Davis & Waddell Taste Wire Diner Basket Red

    Save 30%(1)Le Creuset Round French Oven 24cm - 4.2L Cassis

    Save 60%Scanpan Induction Plus Frypan 26cm

    Save 36%Krosno Vazrani Jug 1.1L

    Save 25%Umbra Grapevine Wine Rack Black

    Save 20%Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer

    Save 60%(23)Furi OziTech FoldAway Knife Sharpener

    Save 62%Chasseur La Cuisson Storage Jar 1.4L Blue

    Save 65%Chasseur La Cuisson Pasta Jar 1.8L Blue

    Save 65%Chasseur La Cuisson Pasta Jar 1.8L Antique Cream

    Save 65%Chasseur La Cuisson Pasta Jar 1.8L Red

    Save 28%Salt & Pepper Heavy Bake Loose Base Cake Pan 23cm

    Save 23%(10)Baker's Secret French Style Wooden Rolling Pin 40cm

    Save 20%(3)Wilton Pops Wraps Assorted Hearts & Stars Set of 8

    Save 40%Mondo Pro Round Mad-Hat Pan 35cm

    Save 29%Wilton Cupcake Stand Polka Dots

    Save 36%Tala 1960s Preserve & Conserve Decorative Cover Set Pink

    Save 50%(3)Wiltshire Oval Baker 31cm

    Save 35%Kuhn Rikon Household Shears Red

    Save 23%SkyBar Wine Traveller Red

    Save 29%(1)Amco Athena Citrus Juicer

    Save 55%Scanpan Induction Plus Dutch Oven 4.8L

    Save 17%Dalla Piazza Poultry Shears

    Save 25%E-cloth E-Pet Grooming Mitt

    Save 63%Aladdin Tin Lunch Kit Heritage Traditional Plaid

    Save 63%Aladdin Vacuum Flask Heritage Traditional Plaid 700ml

    Save 29%Chef'n Sleekstor Collapsible Colander Small

    Save 28%E-cloth Tablet Cleaning Kit

    Save 50%Maxwell & Williams Chef Du Monde Coffee Canister 500ml Grey

    Save 20%Jonathan Adler Bird Spoon Holder - Pink

    Save 33%Le Creuset Rectangular Dish 26cm Satin Black

    Save 40%(1)Le Creuset 3-Ply Pasta Pot with Insert 20cm

    Save 39%Koziol Snap Cutting Board White

    Save 44%Le Creuset Utensil Holder Small Nutmeg

    Save 41%(4)Scanpan Double Pot Holder

    Save 67%Scanpan Induction Plus 2pc Set w/ 26cm Frypan & Stewpot with Lid 4L

    Save 31%Le Creuset 3-Ply Frypan 32cm

    Save 40%Le Creuset Rectangular Dish 32cm Nutmeg

    Save 50%(1)Siliconezone EZ Seal Lid Medium

    Save 50%(5)Wiltshire Rectangular Baker 30cm


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    Save 50%(1)Baccarat Capri Stainless Steel Casserole with Lid 5.4L

    Save 44%Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna Sass

    Save 35%Siliconezone Foila Slotted Spoon Lime

    Save 30%Siliconezone Fruity Wand Ice Mould

    Save 18%Siliconezone Iconic Egg Chair Eggplant

    Save 32%Siliconezone Piggy Cake Mould 15cm

    Save 23%Fuel Thermal Food Container Red

    Save 33%Zeal 4 in 1 Double Sided Measuring Spoon Pink

    Save 45%Sigg Springs for Active Bottle Top Set of 2

    Save 50%(1)JAB Design Melamine Three Section Platter Red & Black

    Save 65%(5)Maxwell & Williams Chef Du Monde Round Casserole 1.1L Black

    Save 67%(9)Maxwell & Williams Chef Du Monde Round Casserole 1.7L Black

    Save 63%(5)Maxwell & Williams Chef Du Monde Round Casserole 2.6L Black

    Save 38%(1)Pantone Milk Jug Violet 206

    Save 43%Pulltex Silicone Top Ice Bucket - Yellow

    Save 38%Zuperzozial Zip Cup - Red

    Save 44%(1)Krosno Vinoteca Swan Carafe 1.5L

    Save 50%Write It Chalk & Sponge Kit

    Save 50%Primo Melamine Vintage Crackle Cup Cream

    Save 55%Intelligent Ice Chill Rocks Mini

    Save 71%Emile Henry Fig Ruffled Heart Dish

    Save 71%(2)Emile Henry Framboise Ruffled Heart Dish

    Save 71%Emile Henry Nougat Ruffled Heart Dish

    Save 36%Le Creuset Chef's Apron Cassis

    Save 35%Le Creuset Chef's Apron Coastal Blue

    Save 46%Le Creuset Chef's Apron Nutmeg

    Save 30%(1)Le Creuset Oval Casserole 27cm Cassis

    Save 36%Le Creuset Grand Teapot Cassis

    Save 27%Le Creuset GS500 Wine Accessory Set

    Save 41%Le Creuset Ramekins Set of 2 Nutmeg

    Save 33%Le Creuset Rectangular Dish 32cm Satin Black

    Save 38%(1)Le Creuset Utensil Holder Small Cassis

    Save 39%Koziol Snap Cutting Board Mustard Green

    Save 30%Bormioli Rocco Sara Water Glass 350ml Set of 12

    Save 24%Bormioli Rocco Kalix Water Glass 270ml Set of 12

    Save 41%(2)Baker's Secret Decorating Pen

    Save 38%(1)Fat Daddio's Round Mad-Hat Pan 15cm

    Save 29%Mastrad Silicone Mini Madeleine Pan 20 Cup

    Save 26%(1)Mondo Pro Square Mad-Hat Pan 15cm

    Save 25%Mondo Pro Square Mad-Hat Pan 20cm

    Save 27%Mondo Pro Square Mad-Hat Pan 25cm

    Save 35%Mondo Pro Square Mad-Hat Pan 30cm

    Save 40%Mondo Pro Square Mad-Hat Pan 35cm

    Save 33%Paper Eskimo Cupcake Toppers 25pk Flags Super Stars

    Save 33%Paper Eskimo Cupcake Toppers 25pk Hearts Limoncello

    Save 33%Paper Eskimo Napkins 20pk Blue Stars

    Save 20%Paper Eskimo Paper Cups 12pk Apple Green

    Save 31%Paper Eskimo Paper Straws 50pk Apple Green

    Save 31%Paper Eskimo Paper Straws 50pk Candy Cane

    Save 31%Paper Eskimo Paper Straws 50pk Limoncello

    Save 22%Wilton Non-Stick Excelle Elite Standard Muffin Tray 12pc

    Wilton Polka Dot Baking Cups Black 75pc

    (2)Wilton Pops Sweets on A Stick Cookbook

    Save 33%Wilton Rainbow Brights Baking Cups 36pc

    Save 36%Wilton Treat Pop Containers 6pc

    Save 25%Wilton Treat Pops Decorating Stand

    Save 18%(3)Baker's Secret Measuring Spoons 5pc

    Save 41%(12)Baker's Secret Stainless Steel Crank Sifter 5 Cup

    Save 27%(9)Cuisipro Scoop & Sift Flour Sifter

    Save 55%Tala 1960s Apron Mrs Taylor

    Save 8%Morphy Richards Elipta 2 Slice Toaster Sage

    Save 33%Davis & Waddell Lunch Box with Cool Pack

    Save 13%(1)Corningware Etch Grass Square Bake Dish 600ml

    Save 20%Bar10Der Ultimate 10-in-One Bar Tool - Purple

    Save 23%Davis & Waddell Essentials Bistro Wine Charms Numeric Set of 6

    Save 23%Intelligent Ice Chill Ball Mini

    Save 30%Victorinox Cyber Swiss Card Swiss Army Knife Smokey

    Save 33%Davis & Waddell Salad Container with Cool Pack

    Save 33%(3)Leifheit Fresh & Easy Round Canister 900ml

    Save 30%Now Designs Alphabet Placemat

    Save 62%Chasseur La Cuisson Storage Jar 1.4L Red

    Save 40%Zing Anything Aqua Zinger Green

    Save 40%Zing Anything Aqua Zinger Grey

    Save 32%Avanti Salt & Pepper Mill Set 13cm

    Save 55%Chasseur Oval Casserole with Lid 31cm - 2.8L Inferno Red

    Save 55%Chasseur Round French Oven 18cm - 1.8L Inferno Red

    Save 55%Chasseur Round French Oven 18cm - 1.8L White

    Save 18%Nature's Cutting Board 32x20x2cm

    Save 50%Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher 1.7L Jade

    Save 50%Nuance Penguin Water Pitcher 1.7L Onyx

    Save 41%Pyrolux Industry Blue Steel Crepe Pan 18cm

    Save 38%Pyrolux Pyrosteel Dutch Oven 24cm

    Save 41%Pyrolux Pyrosteel Saute Pan 28cm

    Save 43%Pyrolux Pyrosteel Stockpot 24cm

    Save 70%(10)Scanpan Classic Covered Wok/Chef Pan 32cm

    Save 32%(1)Scanpan Culinary Cutting Board 20x15cm Natural

    Save 45%Scanpan Fusion CS5 Covered Dutch Oven 5.2L

    Save 50%(2)Scanpan Fusion CS5 Covered Saucepan 2.5L

    Save 38%(1)Scanpan Spectrum Soft Touch Santoku Knife Turquoise

    Save 43%(2)Scanpan Utility Grater Extra Coarse Grate 8mm S/S

    Save 20%Wilkie Brothers Solid Water Jug 1.7L

    Save 23%Brabantia Bin Liner F 40 Bags

    Save 17%(1)Celestron Universal T-Adapter with Integral Barlow Lens 1.25 in

    Save 50%(1)Chasseur Oval Dish 24cm Blue

    Save 74%(1)Chasseur Oval Dish 28cm Inferno Red

    Save 44%(1)Chasseur Oval Dish 28cm Red

    Save 74%(1)Chasseur Oval Dish 28cm Sky Blue

    Save 44%Chasseur Oval Dish 32cm Red

    Save 52%Chasseur Rectangular Grill Pan 37cm Inferno Red

    Save 53%Chasseur Silicone Pot Handle Holder Set of 2

    Save 62%Chasseur Square Grill Pan 25cm White

    Save 27%Cuisinart Blender 1.4L Metallic Red

    Save 27%(1)Cuisinart Blender 1.4L Silver

    Save 33%Global Santoku 12cm

    Save 44%(3)Olde Thompson Monterey Salt & Pepper Mill Set 11cm

    Save 50%Scanpan Classic 2pc Set w/ Frypan 20cm and Wok 32cm

    Save 69%(6)Scanpan Classic 4pc Set w/ Saucepan, Dutch Oven, Frypan & Grill Pan

    Save 58%(5)Scanpan Classic Covered Saute Pan 20cm

    Save 67%(11)Scanpan Classic Covered Stewpot 6L

    Save 50%(1)Scanpan Classic Low Casserole 2L

    Save 51%(4)Scanpan Classic Mixed Grill 44x30cm

    Save 44%(5)Scanpan Classic Square Pancake Pan 28cm

    Save 64%(4)Scanpan Classic Tall Casserole 3L

    Save 50%Scanpan CSX Saucepan 2.5L

    Save 53%(3)Scanpan CTX Covered Saute Pan 28cm

    Save 33%(1)Scanpan Culinary Cutting Board 27x15cm Slate

    Save 50%Scanpan Induction Plus 4pc Set w/ Frypan, Dutch Oven & 2 Saucepans

    Save 61%Scanpan Induction Plus Frypan 20cm

    Save 59%Scanpan Induction Plus Stewpot with Lid 4L

    Save 50%Scanpan Maitre D Steel 3pc Mini Saucepot Set 6cm

    Save 47%Scanpan Maitre D Steel 4pc Serving Pan Set 9cm

    Save 47%Scanpan Maitre D Steel Mini Casserole 16cm

    Save 44%Scanpan Maitre D Steel Mini Paella Pan 16x4cm

    Save 51%Scanpan Maitre D Steel Mini Saute Pan 16cm

    Save 50%Scanpan Maitre D Steel Serving Pan 9cm

    Save 50%(4)Scanpan Pasta Insert Suit Tall Casserole 6L

    Save 61%Scanpan Pro IQ Saute Pan 32cm

    Save 43%(2)Scanpan Rasp Grater Extra Coarse Grate 8mm S/S w/ Cover

    Save 40%(2)Scanpan Spectrum Soft Touch Utility Knife Turquoise

    Save 57%Serroni Vivo Water Pitcher 1.7L Aqua

    Save 63%(2)Trudeau Professional Espresso Salt Mill 15cm

    Save 70%Trudeau Professional S/Steel Salt Mill 15cm

    Save 35%Victorinox Atlas Swiss Army Knife

    Save 33%Victorinox Brown Leather Sheath 2-4 Layers

    Victorinox Brown Leather Sheath for Swiss Flash

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