Just found my favourite recipe on another website, won't link to it as it was full of pop ups and junk that the internet really doesn't need!

Anzac Biscuits (Edmonds Cookbook recipe)


1/2 cup Plain Flour
1/3 cup Sugar
2/3 cup Coconut (dessicated)
3/4 cup Rolled Oats
50g Butter
1 Tbsp Golden Syrup
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
2 Tbsp Boiling Water

*Mix together flour, sugar, coconut, and rolled oats.
*Melt butter and golden syrup.
*Dissolve baking soda in the boiling water and add to butter and golden syrup.
*Stir butter mixture into the dry ingredients. Place level tablespoonful of mixture onto cold greased trays. Bake at 180'C for about 15min or until golden.

Makes 20.