I noticed that shopaholic has posted a few of the up coming ALDI discounts but I couldn't see this on the website anywhere the ALDI Home baked savings, discounts on kitchen appliances, bakeware and ingredients, the sale doesn't start until 11th of September:

  • Wednesday 11 September 2013

1000W Stand Mixer

ea $199

Bread Maker


600W 4 Blade Stick Mixer


Non-Stick Bakeware

ea $2.99

Mini Baking Pan Sets

set $3.49

Metal Cookie Cutter Set 30pc

set $6.99

Digital Kitchen Scale

ea $14.99

Silicone Piping Bag Set

set $7.99

Novelty Kitchen Timers

ea $4.99

Cooling Rack Baking Set 2pc

2pc $7.99

Non-Stick Frypan 20cm


Non-Stick Frypan 26cm


Non-Stick Frypan 30cm


Flip Over Cookbooks

ea $4.99

Deluxe Tea Towel

ea $3.99

Assorted Food Storage Containers

ea $3.99

Kids/Adult Chef Sets

set $12.99

Sieve Set 3pc

set $7.99

24 Cupcake Caddy

ea $8.99

Glass Mixing Bowls 3pc

set $9.99

Paper Baking Trays 3pk

3pk $1.99 66c per tray

Patty Pan Kits

ea $2.99

Nestlé Choc Bits 250g

ea $2.99 $1.20 per 100g

100’s & 1000’s 350g or Choc & Rainbow Sprinkles 265g

ea $3.29 94c/$1.24 per 100g

Lemon Cupcake or Cookie Sandwich Mix 400g

ea $2.99 75c per 100g