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Thread: ASUS Mid Year Laptop Sale, Cheapest ASUS laptops

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    ASUS Mid Year Laptop Sale, Cheapest ASUS laptops

    Get a Cheap ASUS laptop or ROG weapon of a laptop cheap in th ASUS mid year clearance-

    ROG Laptop Sale | Asus Shop Australia

    ROG G751JY (17.3" FHD)

    • Windows 10 (64bit)
    • Unbeatable gaming laptop with Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics
    • A combo of 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM and 4GB VRAM
    • TurboMaster overclocking performance
    • NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technologyw with less lag
    • SonicMaster Audio delivering richer and more detailed sound
    In Stock

    AU$ 3,999.00 AU$ 3,499.00 (AU$ 500.00 Off) All prices include GST

    * Usually ships within 6 days

    • Overview
    • Specifications


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    The unbeatable gaming laptop with TurboMaster overclocking

    G751 is an unbeatable gaming laptop thanks to its 4th-gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics, with TurboMaster technology for stable GPU overclocking and ROG AudioWizard-enhanced audio for immersive gaming. Its intelligent dual-fan cooling system keeps everything cool even in the heat of battle, and special keys let you access Steam or share memorable gaming moments with the world!
    Supreme gaming laptop with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology

    ROG G751JT/JY now feature NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ display technology! Thanks to close cooperation between the ASUS display R & D team and NVIDIA®, G751JT/JY includes built-in G-SYNC™ to synchronise the display’s refresh rate with the NVIDIA® GTX™ GPU for ultra-smooth visuals. G-SYNC™ helps avoid lag, minimises frame-rate stutter, and eliminates visual tearing. It delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming graphics — all without affecting system performance!

    Designed to get you in the game

    With its aluminum finish and illuminated ROG logo, there’s no doubting the ROG G751’s gaming DNA. You’ll be immersed in a Full HD gaming world through a 178-degree wide-view angle display with an anti-glare coat; while an ergonomically-angled keyboard ensures no fatigue during marathon gaming sessions. There’s even special Game Keys for Steam, gameplay recording, and macros.
    Stealth fighter-inspired aluminum chassis

    ROG G751 retains the classic stealthy F-22 Raptor-inspired lines found on previous G Series iterations; only this time it sports an aluminum finish with an illuminated ROG logo. Dual rear vents add to the visual drama, and play a part in its highly efficient and effective thermal design.

    Ergonomically-angled keyboard

    ROG G751 has an ergonomically-angled keyboard and a durable, soft touch, anti-slip palm rest to ensure your hands and wrists stay comfortable even during marathon gaming sessions.
    Responsive backlit keyboard

    The seamless one-piece keyboard has 2.5mm of key travel to give you responsive keystrokes and no key float for a solid typing feel. Isolated arrow keys provide a true gaming feel, while the large multi-touch touchpad with scissor feet buttons enable easy navigation. Keyboard backlight levels are adjustable for low-light environments.

    Spectacular Full HD IPS display

    The Full HD IPS display gives you 178-degree wide viewing angles for minimal colour shift even when you view it from extreme angles. You get to enjoy spectacular visuals and colour accuracy, and even share your favourite gaming moments with family and friends by your side. A matte anti-glare coat gets rid of annoying reflections so you can focus on what’s onscreen without straining your eyes.

    Awesome gaming performance

    The quad-core Intel® i7 processor gives you the gaming performance you need without sacrificing efficiency, while gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics satisfies the most hardcore gamer’s need for supreme visuals. ASUS TurboMaster Technology provides simple and stable real-time GPU overclocking; while an intelligent dual-fan cooling system ensures ROG G751 withstands the demands of high performance gaming.
    Powerful Intel® Core™ processor

    The 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor found in the ROG G751 provides efficient, powerful performance for the demands of today’s fast-paced games and multitasking.

    Enthusiast-grade NVIDIA® GTX series graphics

    The latest enthusiast-grade NVIDIA® GTX series graphics scores over 12K in the 3DMark 11 performance benchmark, providing you with sharper visuals for fast-paced games. NVIDIA® GeForce® Experience™ optimises settings for higher resolutions and greater in-game detail for extra-sharp image quality; it also enhances frame rates to give you super smooth gameplay.
    ASUS TurboMaster for a graphics boost

    ASUS TurboMaster technology, gives you the ultimate gaming experience. ASUS TurboMaster supports real-time GPU overclocking to give you a performance boost of over 5%. An upgraded PCB design ensures a stable power supply; and features a dedicated 3-phase GPU power design along with upgraded Tantalum capacitors.

    Intelligent dual-fan cooling system for stable performance

    Hyper Cool with Duo-copper heat sinks and independent rear-vented dual fans guarantee system stability even when overclocking. The CPU and GPU get their own dedicated fans; with three heat pipes drawing heat to the GPU fan to provide efficient, silent cooling. The hot exhaust is also directed away from you through the rear vents.
    Geared for incredible gaming experiences

    Intel® Thunderbolt™ technology provides ultra-fast graphics and data transmission via a single connection; while GameFirst III optimises networks to give you smooth, lag-free online gameplay. ROG G751 has a Full HD IPS display that gives you incredible levels of detail. It also has ASUS Trinity Display technology so you can hook the ROG G751 to up to three displays for multi-display gaming set-ups.

    Realistic, immersive, in-game audio

    SonicMaster completely immerses you in high quality in-game audio, with MaxxAudio, a professional-grade processing tool, and ROG Audio Wizard giving you several preset audio modes suited for different gaming genres for total mastery over in-game sounds.ROG G751 also includes Bass Eye – an internal subwoofer that’s perfectly balanced with the rest of the notebook for added low-frequency impact.

    SonicMaster Audio

    A mixture of hardware, software, and tuning, SonicMaster was developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team with the clear goal of giving you the best notebook PC audio. Larger speakers and resonance chambers deliver powerful sound and deeper bass; while specialised software tailors audio for a wide range of entertainment. Whether you’re listening on headphones or speakers, SonicMaster delivers richer, more detailed sound.

    ROG Laptop Sale | Asus Shop Australia

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    Actually, that deal sucks, it's a two generation old processor, only has a FHD screen.

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