Took a bit but Microsoft finally sent out the Windows 8.1 email about the updated operating system.

I've liked some of it, but it's screwed my video driver up for certain aspects (strange black bars over some words like and links like it's censoring things!) and improved it for other aspects (works better with laptop being plugged into a monitor).

I am giving it a few months until after Christmas at least before updating desktops and other laptops in the house, hopefully a few bugs will be ironed out.

So many fun things!
Now that you've updated, it's time to learn about all your cool new Windows features. So, whether it's exciting ways to personalise, cool built-in apps or the new Smart Search you can get the scoop right here. Or, just tap the Help+Tips tile on your Start screen.
More you in your Windows
Now you can turn your lock screen into a slideshow, for a fun look at your favourite pictures before you sign in. Learn how.
Plus, there are even more tile sizes and backgrounds to choose from for your Start screen.
Helpful tip: Tile sizes are completely up to you. To resize one, just press and hold or right-click to select it. Then, tap or click Resize.
Multi-tasking is better than ever
Now, depending on your screen size, you can use up to four apps at the same time. And because the new Windows has virtually limitless resizing, each app can take up as much of the screen as you want.
Helpful tip: You can move the divider between apps until you have the sizes that you want.
Always have your files with you
It's easier than ever to save to your SkyDrive automatically. Now you'll be able to get your photos and files from any device. And even if you can't access your computer, you won't lose your stuff or settings. Learn more.
One very Smart Search
Now, thanks to Bing, you can find what you're looking for no matter where (or what) it is with just one search. So, whether it's a document on your PC, song in the cloud, an app or even a website, Bing Smart Search will help you find it. Learn how.
We updated your apps too
Fun new improvements to built-in apps, and even more to see at the Windows Store.
Health & Fitness
Find new ways to stay in shape, track your diet and get medical advice.
Food & Drink
Plan tasty meals, create shopping lists and use hands-free recipe navigation.
Edit, crop and retouch your photographs with ease.
Reading List
Save interesting articles and read them later on any of your Windows devices.
Chat without switching apps or missing a beat.
The new panorama feature lets you take photos like never before.
More Windows help
Online tutorials
Our helpful Windows walkthroughs have everything that you want to know about your Start screen, installing devices, getting around your device and more.
Take a look
Help+Tips app
The perfect app for new Windows users, it has the helpful tips that you need in one easy-to-find place. Just open the app from your Start screen.