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  • There are plenty of dog treats that are tasty, but they often contain high levels of salt, fat and other unhealthy or artificial ingredients. And there are nutritious dog treats, but often they are bland and tasteless.

    Lickables are the natural treat alternative that is Tasty AND Nutritious. Lickables are dehydrated through refrigeration. Unlike any other process, this locks in the flavour and aroma of the treats, while offering incredible amounts of nutrition.

    Lickables are the treat you can reward your dog with everyday, without compromising your dog’s health.

    Thanks to Lickables dog treats, we are giving you a free sample pack of delicious treats for your best friend and three lucky winners will receive a one year supply of Lickables. Lamb Liver, Roo Bites, Beef Cubes, Porky Chews, Fish Biscuits, and Beef Whip will have your pup's mouth watering!

    For your free sample pack, simply fill out the online ballot below and tell us what the worst thing their dog has eaten.
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    It is simple, the first, and special.

    The Lickables™ 1 Bites are straightforward - 1 simplified ingredient from 1 protein source that is 100% natural.
    Available in four mouthwatering varieties (Roo, Beef, Lamb, & Ocean) that offers pets a choice and ensures that there is a snack in the range to suit any dog’s palate.
    Lickables™ 1 Bites have the added benefit of coming to you in re-sealable packaging, which provides the convenience of being easy to store, while keeping the snacks fresh.