hi,guys, i hope what i translate are good for you to understand,because i translated them from Chinese sentences.But i do my best to express what they really mean.

1, When fall in deep love,girls open their legs
When feel bored with fucking,boys say bye bye

2,If there has a fool come to blame you,it means you did something right.

3, i am wasting my life, i am
fuzzing reality up,i am afraid the future.

4,If really care of something, even people just
lay a finger on it, we will feel that he is robbing it !!

5,i just wanna let you know that even if all the world abandon you, i would abandon you as well !!

6, we could offend 100 people
of noble character, but don't indulge a fool !!

7, the things
weighing on my mind,evaporated as cloud,fall like rain, but i can not bear that let you get wet in the rain.

8, the reality is raping me, i have to
give birth to a baby to him indeed !!

9, millions
chase after you not good as one people love dearly you, billions dote on you not good as one guy knows your mind.

10, they all become submissive bitches if women fall in deep love with someone .

11, Actually i don't feel happy everyday, but i can smile with everyday !!

12, sometimes, friends can only live as "friends".

13, keep it forever if you get me, go fuck away if you lost me.

14, no matter what like and unlike is, they come out in just a second.

15, no matter where you go,the king still get what he wants.
no matter how many times you tried, the weak still feel have no way out.

16, dog meet dog, they lick with each other
man meet man, they play a role with each other

17, what your promise is that like i say fuck you, just say it,never make it true.

18, the only thing never changes between us is that everything is changing !!

19, dream is like a hook we can't afford to sleep with, what we can do is that see she sleeps with others, we only got reality to live with.

20. all the water in my body is all belong to you if you like

21, no matter if you are a bad ass, i will stay with you as long as we are friends !!

22, the weakness of human is that we always like comparing it to ourselves.

23, we had hang on being with each other for long time, but we still were beaten by "eternity".

24, Your ugliness has nothing to do with your face !!

25, real good guy has a kind heart, real bad guy has a kind mouth.

26, drunk people propose their toast, smiling eyes full of tears.

27, i stay calm down to see real you are.

28, don't look for your way out on others' maps.

29, can't keep it just throw it away as you can.

30, not to know about me with your ears if you are not blind.

31, in the past time of my life, i had lost something, beaten by something, hurt by something, tired with something, but i never afraid of anything !!

32, don't set your state as offline, i have deleted you on the list.